forever with me (sequel to summer of a lifetime)

after taylors parents passed away her life would never be the same, unexpected surprises happen,danielle and liam happen?! youll just have to read to find out
sequel to summer of a lifetime, RATED R , XD


3. want you back

liams POV my hearts been broken ever since the breakup i feel so stupid doing that i want to be with taylor for the rest of my life i took a shower got dressed and grabbed my phone hoping taylor was back from america i texted her :"hey taylor meet me at the park near the flat"...she didnt text back but i went to the park anyways and she met me there "hey..."she said "taylor im sorry i made a big mistake dumping you i feel so stupid"i said "well according to E! news your back together with danielle"she replied

"im not its just a rumour"i said "i want you back taylor your the best thing thats ever happened to me"i added

"please take me back taylor"i begged "liam i dont no..."she replied "please taylor i cant live without you your my life"i said we stared into eachothers eyes and she walked closer to me, we kissed it was long and full of passion she pulled away "liam..i-"i interupted her "you dont want me back..."i said and started to walk away 

"liam wait"she said "i love you liam....ill take you back"she said and i smiled

"the stupidest thing ive ever done is break up with you"i said "i agree"taylor said jokingly we went back to the flat 

taylors POV me and liam are finally back together i couldnt be happier we decided to still count the month we were apart witch means weve been dating a year and 3 months, we walked inside and saw everyone sitting on the couch "hey"i said "hi..."everyone said confused in unison "where back together" liam said with a smile and everyone tackled us with hugs "all liam did was cry"louis said and i laughed

"pfft nuh uh"liam said trying to act tough "awwww my little angel"i teased liam and he blushed

everyone sat down on the couch and watched tv "so whens the wedding?"i asked louis and eleanor

"next month"eleanor said liam looked at me with a confused look and i mouthed to him:"ill explane later" and he nodded



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