forever with me (sequel to summer of a lifetime)

after taylors parents passed away her life would never be the same, unexpected surprises happen,danielle and liam happen?! youll just have to read to find out
sequel to summer of a lifetime, RATED R , XD


10. tours and flus

taylors POV the doctor said i need lots of rest witch means liams gonna trap me in the bedroom till im better why oh why did i have to get the flu.i was laying in bed locked in my room,when liam came in only wearing a pare of capri shorts and no shirt....its like hes trying to make me mad, "hey there sexy"i said "hi"he replied

"are you trying to make me mad or something?"i asked,liam chuckled "no,why is my sexiness to much for ya?"he teased "why do you hate me?"i said laughing "i dont"he said "then put a shirt on!"i replied "nah"he said and smiled "you dont no how bad i want you right now"i said "a lot im guessing"he replied

"god i wish i didnt have this flu"i said "i wish you didnt to"he said and sat on the edge of the bed "oh i forgot to tell you where going on tour!"he said "OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"i shouted "but umm you cant come"he said with a sad look on his face "oh..."i said and looked into his eyes he came closer to me "grrrr stupid flu"i said and he laughed "so whens the tour?'i asked "next month"he replied "how long is it?"i asked "3 months"he replied

"i hope my flu is over before you leave"i said smirking evily "i hope it is to"he said and chuckled 

"we have some bussiness to take care of before you go on tour"i said "bad likey"he said and i laughed "COME ON LIAM "louis shouted "where are you going?"i asked "swimming"he replied 
"without me!!"i said "well you have the flu"he said i whimpered "id stay but theres nothing to do cuz ur sick"he said "grrrrr why me"i mumbled to myself "well i better get going by babe"he said "bye" i replied, liam left with the boys and i was stuck home alone with the flu,i was watching tv but i fell a sleep and had the weirderst

yet best dream ever it was about me and liam in the future when were married and have children 

the dream seemed so real...i new liam was going to be the perfect husband and father,theres nothing about him thats not perfect

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