forever with me (sequel to summer of a lifetime)

after taylors parents passed away her life would never be the same, unexpected surprises happen,danielle and liam happen?! youll just have to read to find out
sequel to summer of a lifetime, RATED R , XD


4. the wedding

taylors POV a month passed and it was time for louis and eleanors wedding me and liam where sleeping and it was  impossible to wake us up "LIAM TAYLOR WAKE UP!!!"niall shouted but we still slept i rolled over and mine and liams heads crashed together "oww"we said unison "jinx"we said again in unison 

"this is crazy were saying everything at the same time"again said in unison and we laughed 

"well good morning"liam said "it is now"i said and kissed liam on the lips..."uhhh we gotta get ready"liam said

"i dont want to"i replied  "come on babe"liam replied and sat up i grabbed his wrist so he coudlnt get up 

"taylor let go"liam said "never:" i replied "so where  playing that game?"liam asked jokingly 

"idk its according to what game it is"i teased "bad girl"liam joked and got up i fell on the floor "oww"i said

"you ok?"liam asked "i will be..."i replied and pulled liam down on the ground "hey!"liam said 

i chuckled "STOP FOOLING AROUND AND GET READY!!!"niall shouted "NAH I LIKE FOOLING AROUND!!"i replied liam laughed "come on tay we can fool around later"he said 

"promise"i asked with a evil smirk on my face "not that kind of fooling around!"liam chuckled

"aww but i like that kind"i said liam rolled his eyes and went over to the closet to get something to wear 

"ummm do you mind?"he asked "no i dont mind"i said teasing him he pushed me out of the room and changed then came back in,i changed, i hopped on his back and he gave me a piggy back ride to the kitchen and we sat down and ate breakfast "finally your up"louis said "sorry we were...urrrmmm....goofing around"i said "shes been acting naughty all morning"liam said and chuckled 

"i cant belivee your getting married lou"i said "aww is someone jealous"louis said laughing 

"noooope"i said dragging out the o, "face it you wanna marry lili"louis teased me "NUH UH"i protested

liam laughed "dont deny the truth"harry said and i blushed,2 hours later we headed to the beach louis and eleanor decided to have a beach wedding, we took our seats i sat next to liam of course and to my surrprise danielle was there sitting 2 rows behind us "liam danielles here"i whispered to him 

"i no"he whispered back,the wedding started and eleanor walked down the isle in a  beautiful silk wedding dress i couldnt belive how beautiful she looked , they said there vows and i dos  and we headed to the after party everyone was dancing including me and liam,after the after party we went home everyone went to there rooms, me and liam were in our room i was sitting on the bed next to liam we were kissing, he pushed me down on the bed and you no what happened next....

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