forever with me (sequel to summer of a lifetime)

after taylors parents passed away her life would never be the same, unexpected surprises happen,danielle and liam happen?! youll just have to read to find out
sequel to summer of a lifetime, RATED R , XD


20. the miscarriage & more sex

taylors POV it was 6am and liam and the boys had a meeting with management i should mention that im 2 months into the pregnancy now,.after they left i fell back asleep.i woke back up at 10am,i noticed blood on the bed that wasnt there before,i started panicing i texted liam:"LIAM COME HOME FAST!!!".him and the boys were home within 10 minutes liam rain up to the bedroom "whats wrong?" he asked,i pulled the blanket down revealing the blood stain "liam i had a miscarriage"i said about to cry,liam picked me up and brought me downstairs "it doesnt mean you had a miscarriage yet there might be a chance"liam said and carried me to the car the boys were outside, "what happened?!"louis asked concerned "possible miscarriage"liam said,liam drove me to the and liam were waiting in the hospital room for the news."taylor im sorry but youve had a miscarriage"the doctor said and i started crying,liam was fighting the tears but his face was red and his eyes were watering,.a tear slid down liams face,the doctor also told us that if i had 2 more miscarriage that i wouldnt be able to have a baby."this is all my fault"i cried "no its not taylor"liam replied.the boys came and louis sat down next to me "taylor itll be ok"he said and kissed me on the cheek.niall was gonna flood the room the way he was crying "niall dont cry"louis said.liam just sat there silently like a statue lost deep in thought,probaboly blaiming himself for this. the doctor said i could go home but i need to rest and they said if we want we could try again in about 2 months.we went home and watched tv,liam was silent all day.he ran into his room and locked the door.i walked over to the door and put my ear agenst it.i could hear him crying.i picked the lock and walked in and sat behind him on the floor,i wrapped my arms around him and rested my head on his shoulder,i wiped the tears from his eyes "liam dont cry"i said."its my fault"liam said "no its not liam!"i replied "its neither of our faults"i said "it just happened..."i added "what if it happens again taylor...what if you have another miscarriage"liam said "we cant do anything about it if its gonna happen its gonna happen"i said "we cant try again..."liam said "we cant risk having a second miscarriage"he added,grr the more he talks the more i want him,stupid doctor said i cant have him for about 2 months,eh to bad im not listening to them,i kissed liams neck a couple times and he started getting tensed up, "taylor dont do this"he said, i pulled his shirt off and ran my hands across his 6pack "taylor we cant..."he said about to moan "i dont care what the doctors said liam "i replied moving my hands down and un doing  his belt,he was fighting the urge to give in.i got up and locked the door,then walked back over to liam and sat on the floor in front of him, i kissed him on the lips and pulled his pants off,.he couldnt fight the urge anymore and ripped my shirt and pants off,.i smiled,liam pushed me down on the floor and continued kissing me,he removed my bra and underwear,i pulled his boxers off.he was hovering above me and i got a perfect view of his whole body,i moaned while i looked at his beautiful naked body,i pulled him down ontop of me.i wanted him him so bad i grabbed his hips and pushed him into me,he moaned and started moving his hips,thrusting in and out of me slowly,then he got faster and faster,he went as fast and as deep as he could go making me only last a couple minutes before i climaxed,liam rolled off of me "god we have sex to much"he said and i laughed "well it feels good what do you expect!"i replied "for you to wait till the doctors say its ok?"he replied "you think i was really gonna wait that long? like serriously 2 fucking months to wait before i can have sex again?i dont think so!"i replied "you always want sex"liam replied "so where do we sleep since the beds covered in blood?"i asked "the floor?"he replied "works for me since were already on the floor"i replied and grabbed the blanket from the bed...

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