forever with me (sequel to summer of a lifetime)

after taylors parents passed away her life would never be the same, unexpected surprises happen,danielle and liam happen?! youll just have to read to find out
sequel to summer of a lifetime, RATED R , XD


13. the boys are back

taylors POV, the tour was finally over meaning the boys would be back any day although i didnt expect them to be back as early as they where,it was 10:00am i was asleep when i heared someone whisper my name "taylor"the voice said, i woke up "oh hey liam"i said not realizing what i said "LIAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"i shouted and jumped out of bed into his arms and kissed him passionently  for a long time,"i missed you"i said

"i missed you to babe"he replied "just in time for our aneversery tomorrow"i said "2 years tomorrow"he said with a smile  "best 2 years of my life"i said and he kissed me again "i missed your kisses"he said and i smiled 

"i missed your to"i replied and we kissed again "so how was the tour?"i asked "it was good"he replied

"so how was work at the daycare for 3 months?"he asked me

"it was good,it was actually fun the babys there were so cute"i replied and liam smiled

"your gonna be a great mom someday"liam said to me "you really think so?"i asked "yea"he replied

"thanks"i said,i looked into his eyes and i new what he wanted, i wanted it to,he pushed me onto the bed we started  making out,i pulled him ontop of me,but we stopped before we did anything

"we cant have sex right now the boys are here and there awake theyll hear us"liam said and sighed i also sighed "i want to have sex soo bad it seems like its been forever since we have"i complained and liam chuckled "its only been about 4 months"liam said "4 months is to long"i complained and he laughed "come on lets go say hi to the rest of the boys"he said "nah id rather stay here"i replied "oh come on"he said "nope"i said being stuborn,liam smirked he new i was just trying to make him give in, "taylor you no we cant"he said darn hes not gonna give in,we went in the livingroom and sat down,eleanor and perrie were there to,i noticed something weird about eleanor but  i couldnt figure it out,then it hit me i noticed she had a bump... i texted liam:"uhhh li is eleanor pregnant?" "oh forgot to tell you,yeah she is"he texted back i sighed i kind of wish i was pregnant ,we went to the beach the mall the park the carnival, you name it we went there it was awesome being back with the boys

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