forever with me (sequel to summer of a lifetime)

after taylors parents passed away her life would never be the same, unexpected surprises happen,danielle and liam happen?! youll just have to read to find out
sequel to summer of a lifetime, RATED R , XD


17. Pregnant?!

Taylor's POV I woke up at 5am and went to the kitchen the food cravings haven't ended yet and I still feel sick most of the time, I ate a big bag of chips and still was hungry, "Tay you ok?"Liam asked "yeah I'm fine"I said an ate another bag of chips "Taylor umm just a question ..."Liam said "yeah?"I asked "when are you supposed to get your period...?"he asked "umm...last week..."I said "oh my god.."Liam said "what..?"I asked "I think you might be pregnant.."he said "but we used protection!...we did right?"I said "we'll not the last time..."he replied,I ran into the bathroom and took a pregnancy test,when I came back out I was shaking nervously "so?"Liam said "I-I-I'm pregnant..."I replied and started crying,Liam wrapped his arms around me "it'll be ok"he said "Liam were not ready for a baby.."I said crying "yes we are it'll all be ok"he said and whipped the tears from my eyes and smiled "in 9 months well have a little baby"he said and kissed me on the forehead,i burried my head into his chest...this cant be happening,this is gonna ruin one direction liams gonna have to much of a responsibility with a baby around to be able to focus on the band ,i cant let that happen to him i cant let this ruin the band,of course liams gonna be a great dad loving and caring but this is just to early hes only a teen and has his whole life ahead of him and i dont want a baby to ruin that for him

"liam this will be to much responsibility"i said "what do you mean?"he asked

"i mean your not gonna have enough time to focus on the band with a baby"i replied  

"taylor ill make it work"he said "i just dont want the baby to be the cause of the end of one direction"i said    "it wont be"he replied trying to calm me down ,after that liam and i decided to watch tv then the boys came down "HEYO'louis said "hey"me and liam said in unison,the boys sat down on the couch and louis was staring at me like i was a aliean or something "what?"i asked "nothing"louis replied,i got up and went to the kitchen,now all the boys were staring at me "what?!"i asked when i came back out,then i realized they were staring at my stomach,crap they noticed!,"whats wrong with your stomach?"harry said "im fucking pregnant you moron"i replied and sat on the couch "by liam?!"they shouted in unison "no by santa,yes by liam"i said sarcasticly "im confused"niall said "is it santas or liams?" niall asked i rolled my eyes "LIAMS!"zayn shouted at niall "ohh"niall said "wait liam got you pregnant!!?!?!?"they shouted in unison just realizing what  they were just told "whats so hard to belive about it?!"liam asked "well its you!"louis said "so?i can get girls pregnant to you no"liam replied "obviously"harry said "so what your saying is i have to share my food now?"niall said "really niall we just found out taylors pregnant by liam and all you care about is food?!"louis said "thats the least of our worries!!! now were gonna have a baby in the house thats probaboly gonna ruin everything for  the band because liams not gonna have anytime!"louis added "well sorry about getting pregnant"i said and ran to my room,"taylor i didnt mean it that way"he said, liam gave him a death stare and ran after me, "taylor you no louis didnt mean it"liam said "i no but it still hurt,i knew this was gonna ruin everything"i said "i should just get an abortion"i added "taylor.."liam said about to cry "liam im sorry but its the right thing to do,your career is just starting"i said "taylor were keeping this baby"liam insisted "no were not liam! im not letting this ruin your career!!"i said and liam walked out and slam the door,it started raining outside and of course liam went and sat outside crying in the rain,i felt so bad i cant believe he serriosuly thinks hes ready to become a dad...

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