forever with me (sequel to summer of a lifetime)

after taylors parents passed away her life would never be the same, unexpected surprises happen,danielle and liam happen?! youll just have to read to find out
sequel to summer of a lifetime, RATED R , XD


19. naughty liam! (warning:very sexual)

Taylor's POV I woke up with Liam laying next to me with his head burried in my neck I loved him so much,he convinced me to keep the baby last night and we had the!. I got up to go to the closet to get some chloths but failed.m whole body hurts especially my legs,Liam sure went deep last night ,well I wa hungry so I decided to just cope with the payne haha see what did there?and get dressed,I went into the kitchen an got something to eat when Liam came up behind me and put his hands on my waist "good morning sexy"I said to Liam and he smiled "good morning love"Liam replied "so what are we gonna name the baby"Liam asked and put his hand over the bump,I smiled "i don't no what do you want To name it?"I replied "if it's a girl we should name her lieah"Liam said "and if its a boy we should name it liam James payne jr."I said and liam laughed "name him after his creator"Louis said joining our convosation "so how was last night?"Louis asked,me and Liam exchanged looks "how do you no about last night!?"we shouted "my rooms right next to yours duh"Louis replied and I blushed , i ate 5 bags of chips "grrr i hate being hungry all the time!"i said and liam laughed,liam sat down on the couch and i sat on his lap he wrapped his arms around my waist,we watched a couple movies with the boys,liam kissed my neck and moved his hands down to my thighs,i could tell he was getting horny,zayn had a date with perrie so he left,harry decided to go out,louis went out with eleanor, niall and us were still watching movies,now we were watching twilight breaking dawn part 1,bad choice,the movie was at the sex scene part witch only made liam want me more,liams skin started getting burning hot  and he moved his hands a little closer "liam not now!"i whispered in his ear,"im going to nandos"niall said and left,thank god we were alone,i turned off the movie "liam what the fuck!"i said "sorry i dont no what happened to me"he said and pouted "haha my horny boy"i said and liam kissed me,"naughty liam"i teased."last night was great"he said "we should do that again"headded "gahhh liam stop being so sexy your gonna make me horny now!"i said and he laughed "well i already am"he teased me,moving his hands closer and closer to my you no what,i stopped his hands before he could move them any closer    "liam were not having sex again!"i said "dont be so sure about that"he replied with a smirk on his and liam went to the mall,movies,market,food court,starbucks,nandos, and a few other places...and no the bedroom is not one of those places!,anyways it was dark out and all of us were sitting outside with blankets around a little fire i was sitting with liam under a blanket louis was sitting with eleanor under 1 zayn and perrie niall and...nandos,and harry all alone,we were all talking and laughing having a good time under the stars,.when liams hands started getting  a bit frisky under the covers,liam started moving his hands closer and closer to my 'area',crap hes horny again!,i moved liams hands away,he moved his hands back "liam dont do this"i whispered to him,god it was a bad day to wear a skirt...,liam started moving his hands to the bottom of my skirt and smiled i looked at him and gave him a death stare and he kissed me , louis texted me":hes being a dirty boy isnt he?,"

i texted back:"yep,"

louis smirked at me,we were like brother and sister,then all of a suddeen liam pulled my skirt off no one noticed though and it was under the blanket anyways,i could feel liam pulling at my underwear wanting to take them off 

i texted liam:keep your fucking hands to yourself!!!

liam texted back:"aww why you dont like it? :)"

i replied :"i do its just were in public liam!!"

"then im gonna finish what i started"he texted back

"maybe we should take this to the bedroom liam"i replied 

"save that for later babe :)"he texted back,hes deffidently horny i didnt even want to no what he was going to do ,then all of a sudden i felt him pull my underwear down,

"liam dont you dare touch me!"i texted him

"why you dont like it when i touch you?:)"he texted back 

""why the hell are you so horny today!?"i texted

"you turn me on :)"he replied,then moved his hands to my 'area' i gasped silently,he took his finger and slid it in me,he smiled ,he started moving it in and out and i was holding back the moans

"enjoying it babe? :)"he texted me

"liam why the fuck are doing this to me right now!"i replied,liam started moving his finger faster making pleasure go through my body

i texted louis:"lou  liams going insane hes fingering me right now!"

"slap his hand away"louis replied

"i tried he wont stop and i dont think i can go much longer without moaning"i texted back,i noticed liam stopped and i sighed in relife,then i felt him stick another finger in and started going in and out again,he made it faster and faster,then he all of a sudden hit the Gspot  i bit my lip trying to hold in the moans as extreme ammounts of plesure was going through my body,liam noticed how much i liked it when he hit my Gspot and kept hitting it again , i couldnt take it anymore and i turned my head into his chest and moaned quietly,he liked that, he curled his fingures to make it feel harder and he stuck his fingures in as far as they could go then pulled them out and back in again,now i was just as horny as him

"liam just stick it in"i texted him 

"r u sure?arnt you worried we'll get cought?"he texted back 

"im sure just stick it in now"i replied,he took his fingures out and un zipped his jeans,then he pulled his cock through his boxers and jeans,he out it inside of me and started doing the same thing he did with his fingures with his cock,louis was the only one who new we were fucking right now 

"liam i think its time we finish this sex in the bedroom"i texted him and he nodded,he got our pants back on, "were gonna go inside see ya tomorrow guys"i said and me and liam went inside and ran to the bedroom,we ripped all of our clothes off ,i couldnt wait any longer and pushed liam agenst the wall a bit hard and started kissing him he pushed me down onto the bed and entered me i started moaning like crazy liam was without a doubt a sex god "mmmm liammmmm"i moaned  "harder"i said liam started going harder and harder my nails dug into his back and i moaned so loud they probaboly heard it outside liam moaned to, i stiffened up,about 5 minutes later i had the biggest and best orgasm ever,me and liam were laying down next to each other "that was amazing"i said "i agree"liam said,we were both out of breath,"liam?"i said "yeah?"he replied "why did you start fingering me outside?"i asked "because 1.i was super fucking horny and 2.i was getting you in the mood for sex"he answered "and why did you tell me to stick it in?"he asked "because 1. you made me fucking horny and 2.i couldnt take it anymore and i needed your cock inside me"i answered and he chuckled,he rolled over so he was facing me,he kissed my belly and said goodnight...

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