forever with me (sequel to summer of a lifetime)

after taylors parents passed away her life would never be the same, unexpected surprises happen,danielle and liam happen?! youll just have to read to find out
sequel to summer of a lifetime, RATED R , XD


2. liam and danielle?!

taylors POV i was sitting on the couch with my sister with a bunch of  tissues surronded by tissues all ive done since the break up is cry and cry  "look at the tv sis!"rylee said to me "what?"i said and looked at the tv i couldnt belive what i saw on the news:"looks like liam payne is back together with long term girlfriend danielle peazer"the news reporter said "after recent split with girlfriend taylor laine"the reporter added,i started crying i cant believe he already moved on,i went to sleep crying and got up early for a interview,when i arived the interviewer said "hello" "hi"i replied "so we have some twitter questions for you"the interviewer said "ok"i replied "ok so someone wants to no why you and liam broke up"the interviewer said "umm well it was a complicated desision..."i answered "would you ever concider getting back together with him"they asked

"idk maybe, maybe not"i replied "do you still have feelings for him?"he asked "kind of"i replied,after the interview i went back to the house and packed my stuff i had to catch a flight back to england tonight 

i said by to my sister and went to the airport  i got on the plane and went to england...but i have no place to stay, i went to a hotel and got a room there 


*sorry for the short chapter *

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