forever with me (sequel to summer of a lifetime)

after taylors parents passed away her life would never be the same, unexpected surprises happen,danielle and liam happen?! youll just have to read to find out
sequel to summer of a lifetime, RATED R , XD


11. jobs and kisses

taylors POV  a month has passed and im finally better the boys go on tour next week and i sadly wont see them for 3 months, i no what your thinking 3 months without liam?...yea i no its crazy i dont no how ill survive i cant live without him hes my life my world,but itll be ok i got a job to keep my self preocupied while there on tour and if your wondering music isnt working that well for me, yeah i no it sucks but what cha gonna do?,

anyways the job i got is at a daycare downtown and i start no if i ever wake up cuz im lazy good news is i dont start work till 12:00pm yay,

so its 8:00am monday morning,i was asleep and so was liam he had his arms wrapped around me and his face burried in my shoulder,"taylor"he said with his head still burried in my shoulder "yeah?"i said

"i love you"he said "you woke me up just to say that?"i asked "nope" he replied,i rolled over so i was facing him and he started to attack me with kisses and i had my hands wrapped around his neck,i took his shirt off and he smiled "is anyone else awake?"i asked inbetween kisses "nope"he replied "good"i said  and he smiled and continued kissing me,i rolled over so i was facing the ceiling  and  pulled liam on top of me,he pulled off my shirt and threw it on the floor,we continued kissing,then i took his pants off and threw them on the floor "god your so danm sexy"i said "i no i am"he replied laughing,then he took my pants off and threw them on the floor, 2 minutes later we were naked and well you no what happened next they had sex,about a hour later we were done  "wow..."i said trying to catch my breath "that....was....amazing..."liam said also trying to catch his breath  ""i asked catching my breath "ummm...9am..."he replied,we took a shower and got dressed then went into the livingroom,and everyone was already out there...shit i hope they didnt hear us,liam sat on the couch and i sat next to him flinching because of the pain,harry laughed 

"you guys had sex again didnt you?"louis asked "no..."i replied "so if i do this"he sat on my lap "it wont hurt?"he said, i flinched in pain "ow...ow....OWWWW LOUIS GET OFF!!"i screamed and pushed him off,harry started laughing again "its not funny!!"i said "yes it is"harry louis and zayn said

"just have something to drink to numb the pain"niall said "i cant i have work later"i replied,liam got up and got me a icepack i put it on my legs  "how does it not hurt you!?"i asked liam "because im used to it"he replied "grrrrr"i said "youll get used to it eventually"louis said "well i suggest you dont sit down for a while"niall said.a couple hours later i got ready for work and left,after work i went to nandos for dinner

because i didnt get home till 10pm,when i got home i changed and went to bed

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