forever with me (sequel to summer of a lifetime)

after taylors parents passed away her life would never be the same, unexpected surprises happen,danielle and liam happen?! youll just have to read to find out
sequel to summer of a lifetime, RATED R , XD


6. cheating and surprises

liams POV me and taylor have been dating a year and a half!! yay almost our 2 year aneversery,but anyways it was 10:00am and i was about  to walk in the kitchen when i saw zayn and eleanor making out in the kitchen

i was shocked i ran back to my room fast but quietly "taylor wake up!!!"i shouted quietly "what"she said

"i was standing in the hallway of the kitchen and i say zayn and eleanor making out!!"i said 

"WHAT!?"she shouted "shhhhh"i whispered "sorry,omg i cant belive eleanor would do that to louis!"she said "hes gonna be devestated"she added "we have to tell him"i said "liam idk maybe we should just keep quiet i dont wanna ruin there marriage"she replied "i new el was no good"i said "wait...what about perrie!?!"she said

"perrie's gonna kill zayn and so is louis"i replied then out of the blue louis came in and did a front flip onto the bed he landed face first "lou you ok?"i asked"eleanors ch-ch-cheating on me!!!"he cried, me and taylor sat next to him and patted his back "louis im so sorry"taylor said "you  can do better than her mate"i said,then niall ran in and screamed "oh god what happened niall?"taylor asked "umm..umm..ummmmmmm...i...ummm"is all niall managed to say before he pulled taylor out of the room to talk to her 

taylors POV niall ran in the room and pulled me into the hallway "niall whats wrong?"i asked

"liams gonna kill me"he said nervously "why?"i asked "well because i um..."he said  "you what!?"i asked eagerly "i slept with danielle"he said and i froze "and i umm...mightve...umm got her pregnant"he added 

"YOU WHAT!????????????"i shouted "SHHHH!!"he yelled "you have to tell liam!"i said "i no"he said

liams POV niall came back in the room, "liam plz dont murder me"he said "why would i do that?"i asked "well because danielle pregnant..."he said and i fell backwards tried keeping calm.....

"YOU WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"i screamed "liam im sorry"he said

"i cant believe this"i said, niall decided to leave the room and taylor came back in and sat next to me "liam...i no this is hard for you"she said "were the only people in  this house that havnt messed up yet"i said

"aww dont worry lili we will eventually"she said and i chuckled

"at least i no you'd never cheat on me"i said

"why would i your the only person i want to be with"she replied and smiled

"and your the only person i want to  be with"i said "hello im still in the room"louis said and we laughed

"well li you no what they say lifes full of surprises"she said and kissed me on the cheek....

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