forever with me (sequel to summer of a lifetime)

after taylors parents passed away her life would never be the same, unexpected surprises happen,danielle and liam happen?! youll just have to read to find out
sequel to summer of a lifetime, RATED R , XD


7. always expect the unexpected

taylors POV its been nothing but drama and surprises here in the 1D house, and to make it all worse the fans no about it all the boys have lost so many fans because of the drama and the way things look  it could be the end of one direction,me liam,louis,and harry where the only people in the house that havn't caused any drama yet.but i guess the good news is, louis and eleanor are still together,why i dont no in my opinion louis shouldve divorced her for what she did but face it hes just to nice to do that , me and liam have been dating 

1 year and 7 months im working on a new album the boys are hopefully going on tour, zayn and perrie are still together,and as for niall and danielle well...hopefully she does the right thing and aborts the child before niall starts getting hate,i serriously never thought this type of stuff would happen to the boys but you no what they say 'always expect the unexpected' am i right? anyways it was a monday morning and i was excited because DANCING WITH THE STARS starts tonight wooohooo "LIAM WAKE UP LIAM WAKEY WAKEY SLEEPY HEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"i shouted and woke liam up while jumping on the bed 

"hey i was sleeping"he said "DANCING WITH THE STARS STARTS TONIGHT!!!"i screamed

"you do no the cable company dropped it here in the U.K. right?"he asked "THEY WHAT!"i screamed i started swearing so liam kissed me "you need to brush your teeth"i said to liam jokingly "shut up"he said laughing "hey liam"i said "yeah babe"he replied "if we ever get married we should go to hawaii for our honeymoon"i said "if we ever?"he said confused "so your doubting we'll get married someday"he said 

"hey the way things around this house our going i wouldnt doubt it if we dont even though i want tooooooo"

"liam just out of curiousity why did you freak out at niall about the danielle sittuation...?"i asked

"i...i dont no"he replied "you still have feelings for her dont you...?"i asked "taylor you no i love you"he said

"i no im just wondering"i replied and went in the kitchen, luckily for me hazza made breakfast...for himself so i stole his "hey!"harry said "haha"i said and chuckled niall came up behind me and grabbed the food from me the room went silent....i forgot to mention we all were kind of ignoring niall "come on guys"he said "plz dont ignore me"he added with a sad face , i couldnt help but feel bad for him,harry walked into the livingroom and niall went in his room....this is tearing the band apart, at around noon everyone was in the livingroom watching a movie everyone except niall,harry was sitting next to louis, louis was sitting next to zayn,zayn was sitting next to liam and i was laying across the couch with my head on liams lap...then all of a sudden my phone rang it was a text from danielle it said for me to meet her at nandos in a hour

"thats weird"i said "what is it love?"liam asked "danielle sent me a text telling me to meet her at nandos in a hour"i replied liam had a nervous look on his face witch made me nervous....

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