forever with me (sequel to summer of a lifetime)

after taylors parents passed away her life would never be the same, unexpected surprises happen,danielle and liam happen?! youll just have to read to find out
sequel to summer of a lifetime, RATED R , XD


18. Abortion & sex?

Liam's POV I was sitting out side in the rain crying I can't believe Taylor said she wants to get a abortion...did I rush into things? Did we get married to young ?...maybe she's right maybe where not ready to have a baby,I called Danielle and went over her house ,"dani what am I gonna do?"I said "I don't no Liam,you should try talking to Taylor about it if you really don't want her to get a abortion"she replied ,she patted my back and I buried my head in her shoulder "please don't cry li"she begged,the I all of a sudden did something I didn't expect,I kissed Danielle,the kiss had so much power,I pushed her down onto the bed and continued kissing her,and u no what happened we had sex,"that's better than I remember"she said "we'll I've gotten pretty good at sex so good I got Taylor knocked up"I replied,I got a text from Louis,"I got to go"I said and got dressed and left,I went home and dragged Louis outside "Lou I messed up so bad"I said "what did you do?"he asked "I had sex with Danielle"I replied "what?! Why?!"Louis asked "I don't no it just happened....."I replied "we'll you better of not knocked her up to!"Louis screamed quietly,tears filled my eyes "my life's a mess"I cried,louis hugged me "Liam it'll be ok just let Taylor get the abortion"Louis said "no!im not letting her do that it's my kid!!"I screamed "Liam you'll have other kids"Louis tried calming to down,so I guess I have no choice I guess I have to let her get a abortion,Taylor texted me telling me to go in her room,"hey"I said "Liam I'm sorry.."she said "no,I'm sorry I shouldn't of acted like I did"he replied and hugged her,she pressed her lips agenst his and kissed him passionantly and put her arms around his neck,Liam wrapped his arms around her waist,the kiss got more passionate and Liam pushed Taylor agenst the wall gently,Taylor smiled,still kissing,Liam moved his hands up her body "hmm in a sexy mode arnt we?"Taylor teased "I guess so"Liam teased back,Taylor ripped his shirt off revealing his 6pack making her moan just at the sight of his Abs,Taylor wrapped her legs around Liam's waist and pressed her body as close to his as possible because it was hard because of her bump,Taylor knew Liam wouldn't give in so it was up to her to make him surrender,Taylor kissed his neck making him moan ,Taylor smiled and kissed his neck again making Liam moan louder "Taylor are you sure about this"he said looking down at her bump "it'll be fine babe"she replied and kept kissing his neck,Liam couldn't wait any longer he was trying to resist the urge but it failed,Liam pushed her down onto the bed and layed ontop of her carefully trying to hold himself up so his weight wouldn't crush the bump he ripped her shirt and bra off and she ripped off his pants and boxers,"you gonna finish?"Taylor teased and liam smirked,he took off her pants and under wear "Taylor I'm not so sure about this.."he said concerned "it'll be fine Liam"she chuckled "I just don't want to hurt the baby.."he replied "Liam it's fine!"she assured him "we'll if it hurts tell me to stop.."he said,Liam thrusted slowly into her not very hard and not very deep,liam thrusted into her again faster and started getting harder and deeper,he new it was only a matter of time before shed tell him to stop because he's never gone very fast on her and never more than a couple inches deep,Liam started thrusting in and out faster and harder and slowly got deeper and deeper,he eventually went completely in as deep as he could go "oww"Taylor cried out,Liam fastly pulled out and sighed "Taylor I'm sorry I shouldn't of gone that deep since your not used to it"he said "it's ok!of course it's gonna hurt because you've never gone that deep in me before"she replied "plus it felt good"she added and liam smiled Liam thrusted in and out even faster and harder going completely deep again,he could tell it was still causing her alot of pain but he kept going eventually he felt it coming and slowed down trying to hold it in,his legs started shaking and he couldn't hold up his weight anymore and collapsed ontop of Taylor "haha trying to hold it in?"Taylor laughed Liam's legs were shaking like crazy "I can't hold it much longer..."Liam said "wow"is all Taylor said "what?"Liam asked "your about to climax and I'm not even close"Taylor said laughing Liam had his head buried In her neck,Liam couldn't hold it any longer and it happened...,after Liam just layed there with his head burried in her neck ,when ever they had sex they didn't go fast hard or deep and they never climaxed so that was a first time experience for Liam and her because it never happened to Liam with any other girl "aww is little Liam tired"Taylor said "I've never done that before..."Liam said "what?"Taylor asked "I've never climaxed before "he replied "I still havnt"Taylor replied an laughed "I'm guessing I don't get my turn?"Taylor said jokingly while playing with Liam's hair "so what about the abortion"Liam asked "do you really want to keep it?"she asked "yea"Liam replied "then we'll keep it "Taylor said and smiled,they fell asleep
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