forever with me (sequel to summer of a lifetime)

after taylors parents passed away her life would never be the same, unexpected surprises happen,danielle and liam happen?! youll just have to read to find out
sequel to summer of a lifetime, RATED R , XD


21. 3 times the charm?...nope

taylors POV, well over the past 10 months ive had 3 miscarriages,the doctors said they wanted to run some test to see what the problem is,were not sure if its just my body cant carry a baby or something or that its liams you no..,im hoping its me that way at least liam will be able to have a family,.liam was sitting on the couch watching tv,i layed down on the couch with my head in his lap and sighed,i was still upset about the miscarriage,liam played with my hair "liam"i said "yeah?"he replied "why are you still with me if i cant have any kids?"i asked "because i love you and i always have and i dont need a family to be happy,i just need you"he answered,i smiled,oh yeah and remember eleanor was pregnant? well she had the baby the day before i had my 3rd miscarriage and shes been busy so louis is stuck with the baby all day,louis walked into the livingroom with his baby ela,haha yea they named her eleanor jr.,i sat up next to liam and louis sat down next to me,"hi"louis said in a tired voice "lou you need sleep"i said "well i kind of have to watch ela"louis replied "i can watch her for you"i said "really?"louis asked "yeah!"i replied "thanks"he said and handed ela to me and he went in his room.ela started crying so i fed her a bottle and she fell asleep,liam smiled at me the whole time i was taking care of ela "you really want a baby dont you?"liam asked "more than anything in the world"i replied and sighed "but its never gonna happen..."i said "well...a 4th try wouldnt hurt"liam replied "liam im done trying i dont need a 4th miscarriage"i replied "taylor i think we should try again its been 4 months since the last miscarriage"liam said "no liam!"i replied "please taylor one more try!"he begged "liam im tired of getting pregnant and then loosing the baby ive gone threw it 3 times!!"i said "well maybe if you would be a little more positive  and not always say 'im gonna loose this baby' maybe you wouldnt of had the other 2 miscarriages!!"liam said "oh so now its my fault?! ever think that maybe its your fault that i keep having miscarriages!!"i replied and liam walked out of the room and slam the door.louis came out "what just happened?"he asked "me and liam got into a fight about the stupid miscarriages..."i answered "what if its my fault,ill never have a family.."i said and started to cry,it was 9pm and liam still hasnt come home,niall went out looking for him a hour ago,where the hell are they.about 10 minutes later niall dragged liam in "WHERE THE HELLO DID YOU FIND HIM!!"i screamed "well i got tired of looking for him so i went to the bar and he was there"niall replied "thats pretty much like scuicide for him to drink because of his 1 kidney that only works 95%!!"i screamed again "gee calm down hes fine"niall said and he grabbed a drink from the kitchen and handed it to me,i gave him a confused look "it numbs the stress"he said and i nodded.i drank like 10 of them and passed out

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