Claire was dedicated with one direction and was their number one fan. But Harry Styles and Niall Horan come along and her life changes when one direction almost ends because of Claire.


4. Pool Party

Claire's P.O.V.

As i woke up, i must've been very sleepy or just meant it but i was in Niall's arm. I might be the first to wake because as i went downstairs, there was none. I wanted to eat, but i wanted to eat with Niall. Guess i will just have to wait. As i was about to sit on the sofa, my phone rang and it was my BFF Lisa, i answered an told her about the best few days of my life. She wanted to hang with me, since i couldnt I invited her here. After i got off the phone with her, the boys woke up and i finally got to eat with Niall. " i waited for you too wake up so we can eat together" i told Niall." aww sorry i didnt wake up earlier." replied Niall.

Harry's P.O.V.

It is killing me to know Claire might be in love with Niall and not me. I know i havent seen Niall this much in love and i dont want to `hurt claire she also looks like she has the time of her life just like niall. A bell rings and claire runs to the door yelling "Lisa!!" All of us walk to the door and see claire and a girl hugging which i believe is Lisa. Finally claire introduces us to the girl Lisa. She was freaking out we had to lay her down and get her some water, i guess she was just so excited to see us in person and might just be hanging with us for a while. Finally Lisa awakes and i was the first person to greet her, her eyes meet min and i felt a love greater than with Claire and me. I tell her about the pool party tonight and she said she was very happy to know she could come." Lisa, me and Louis' girlfriend Eleanor are going shopping, and guess who gets to come?!" Claire said with so much energy, and replied by Lisa was " OMG!! So excited!!"

Louis' P.O.V.

Finally Eleanor comes and lisa and her friend left to shop. Me and the boys just got the party ready with snacks and lights so we can swim until so late, i mean for 2 weeks we are empty so we can do anything we want. After about 5 hours of perperation, the girls came back laughing. As they changed we also changed and then the party started!

Harry's P.O.V.

As i swam i saw lisa and zayn talking on the side on the chairs. I saw Claire and Niall swimming laughing and sometimes kissing. WHY??? i saw the rest of the boys with their girlfriends except zayn and perrie, why, i wonder. I saw Lisa laughing and my heart, there is a feeling that is even stronger then my heart for Claire, i wont tell her or anyone. But maybe it is just all the water in my system, i will just go to bed. " Goodnight everyone!" i yelled. my response was all of them together yelling goodnight back.

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