Claire was dedicated with one direction and was their number one fan. But Harry Styles and Niall Horan come along and her life changes when one direction almost ends because of Claire.


1. Mystery Boys

Claire's P.O.V.

 I was justing eating hot wings at Nandos, I checked my phone and ther was only an hour left until the one direction concert. i was so excited because i got front row tickets and a backstage pass i just couldnt wait. Nandos was so empty and i could hear the girls screaming for one direction, then a boy wearing a hat and sunglasses came in with a person also wearing a hat and sunglasses which was weird because the day was so rainy and dark. i could tell that they were hiding something i didnt know what, but i didnt want to be nosey.

     But for some reason i felt like thoose two boys were connected with me but that was how i felt when i first saw niall horan. The 2 boys came up to me and took one of my hot wings i slapped his hand and said, " Buy your own hot wings" then i ate the wing so messy in front of them and wiped my mouth. " Wow you can eat!" said one of the boys " well i am so hungry" i said. One of the boys took of his hat and sunglasses and i gasped the boy was blond with beautiful blue eyes.it was niall horan and so i guessed the other boy was harry styles and i was right.

Niall's P.O.V.

    That girl, she was so pretty and she wasnt scared to eat so messy in front of us. I have never felt so in love in my life. " Do you always eat here" i asked while still staring at her brown eyes and she still staring at me. " yah always this is my favorite place to eat" she said. " so are you going to the one direction concert?" said harry oh non i saw the same sparkle in his eyes i knew that harry was also in love with the girl. " yes and i cant wait" she said. i was so excited to see her again at the concert.

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