Claire was dedicated with one direction and was their number one fan. But Harry Styles and Niall Horan come along and her life changes when one direction almost ends because of Claire.


2. best concert

Claire P.O.V.

 When i was at the concert my heart just sank because while harry and niall sang One Thing they kept looking at me, but i didnt know if they were looking at me or around me. But still i wondered if Niall was thinking about me or his fans, and harry for me he is okay but i fell in love with Niall. Finally the concert was over and i went to backstage and there was a man who asked for my pass, but i looked up and there was Paul! i couldnt believe i talked to him for a while then i went and saw one direction. There niall ran up to me and introduced to the rest of one direction. Zayn lois and liam were so nice and they treated me like i was one of them.

Harry's P.O.V.

  Her dreamy eyes her beautiful name, but i saw how Claire and niall looked at each other and their sparkle in their eyes. I may also be in love with claire but i never saw niall so much in love with anyone at all before so i guess i will let claire go to niall. But the way she flips her hair and the way she has so much courage also how even though she is a fan she acts like one direction has known her for years. But there are always girls screaming for me so i guess i get enough girls claire may be with niall i have no feelings for claire why should i? I dont have any for her..... Right?

Louis's P.O.V.

    Wow i never saw niall like that before, so much in love, but harry i could see evil in him. evil love, might he be jealous that claire is also in love with niall or was it just he hated claire? i dont know but i hope nothing bad were too happen, but am i the only one who noticed what was going on? Zayn is looking for a mirror for himself and Liam is signing autographs. We came together and decided to show claire our house,

Claire's P.O.V.

   Oh my gosh!!! i cant believe it, they invited me to see their house, i want to go so i told my mom that i will be staying with them for a week. " sure my mom said it was okay" i said. " well tomorrow we are having a pool party so you came right on time!" louis said getting in his car. We got inside the car and niall came back with hot wings from Nandos. " doesnt this bring back memories?" asked niall. " Of course!" Me and harry said at the same time. then we drove off while me and Niall ate hot wings. I hoped the car ride was long because me and niall enjoyed ourselves. Then i was aslo excited because i saw the house.

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