Chapter 1: Emily


1. Emily

The room was dark. Quiet. Only a faint sound of birds were chirping outside the blinded window. Emily lay still in her bed all snuggled up under the violet covers in her most comfortable pajamas. She had been awake all night, anxiously waiting for daylight to appear, tossing and turning again and again. It was the first day of school and she was not excited. She never had many friends. She spent the summer alone. Mostly she would bike up to the lake in her best bright green shorts and flowery tank tops with her favorite book and a basket of raspberries and just relax and block out the rest of the world. She had some classmates who she would occasionally go over to the nearest starbucks with and get a latte. Usually it was Jada or Melissa. They would talk about small  things like homework and where to get the best manicure. But she never had any real friends. Friends who would always be there, who could make you laugh more than anyone else, who you could spend the entire summer with and never get tired of. She had always wanted a best friend especially now that she had been feeling more alone than ever. Going down the school hallways, was not a nice thought. She could be surrounded by people and feel like she's the only one there. ''Riiiiing, riiiiiing'' her alarm went off. She lazily pulled herself out of bed, slipped on her pink slippers and turned it off. Instantly she felt the cold air around her. She hated cold mornings more than anything. She dragged herself across the room into her bathroom and turned on the faucet in the shower to extreme warm water. She took a look at herself in the mirror, there were huge dark circles under her eyes from lack of sleep, her hair looked like a big brown birds nest, her skin looked as white as the bathroom walls and her lips looked as dry as the grass in her backyard on the hottest day in summer. Disgusted with her face, she turned away, stripped down to her bear skin and hopped in the comforting warm shower. As she stood there, a million thoughts and questions raced into her head of the day to come. ''Will I make any friends? Or will I be a loner forever? Will this year be better than the last? Will anything exciting happen? Will people like me? I hope I find someone who I can relate to. Isn't there anybody out there who is like me? I think I might tryout for the school music choir and the drama club this year. Will I be made fun of for that? Will people notice I've gained more weight over the summer? Will there be any hot boys this year? I think people will like my new style. But what if they hate it? How should I greet the new kids? Should I let the popular's take them over or should I go over and talk to them myself? Or will they just think I'm a loser? Will we be getting any new teachers this year? Will they like me? So many questions. At last, she just pushed them all out of her head and tried to create a positive attitude. ''I don't know anything yet, I'll just have to wait and see what today holds and make the best of it.'' She thought. She felt the warm water pour down her face and hair and for the first time in a week, she relaxed. 

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