One Year

One year ago, I joined Movellas. And boy has it been the most difficult year of my life, and probably will be. But I just wanted to write this for everyone on this website. You make this website, and I hope it will never change.


1. Thank You Everyone

Over the last year, I haven't done much, very little actually. Movellas has and forever will be the greatest thing I discovered on the internet. That and Onision on YouTube, he's Epic! The first competition I entered was the 'First Love' competition in 2011 about October I think. And to my amazement, I got first place! With my Movella: The Wings Trilogy: Temptation. I really need to get back to that Movella soon, anyway. The first Movella I ever wrote was my Originally crud book: Erica Bluewater. That book, is my single biggest achievement. I never gave up with it, and I still have a long way to go til it's ready to go out to the Publishers. I'm currently rewriting it, which is kind of annoying actually. But the Original idea of it is on my page, probably on the last page, too many Movellas I've written. Way too many. If anyone has the time, could they have a look at both the Erica Bluewater's and comment which they prefer, cause I really need to know which one is better.


But this is this. Thank you everyone on here, you've made my year. And thank you Jordan Phillips! Thank you for bringing us together, and giving me something to live for. :)

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