One Year

One year ago, I joined Movellas. And boy has it been the most difficult year of my life, and probably will be. But I just wanted to write this for everyone on this website. You make this website, and I hope it will never change.


2. Special Thank You's

I want to just highlight a few people on here. I would like to Highlight the following Movellians:

dragon soul jess - For just being epic and sharing a love of Dragons

Bells Hunter - For being amazing and writing perfect Movellas, my favourite being: The Other Side of the Story.


Lia-Loves-Cookies - For being a really supportive friend and having a great imagination.


Adam Gilray - For being just plain epic! And writing very extreme poetry, some of my favourites actually.


Isabella - Bella Vinter - For being my first Movellian friend, after having a brief conversation on my Movella: The Wings Trilogy: Temptation.


Dann Fairless - For being the best Science-Fiction writer, luckily I don't have to compete with him in the Fantasy Genre, or I'd be screwed! And having epic hair!


Jodemeister - For being supportive and being very enthusiastic about writing on here


Kieva Rising - For being so friendly and just in general awesome.



All of you Movellians, everyone on here, are amazing! Keep up the working at this website, and keep the love of reading and writing alive. Thank you for a great year, many more to come :)



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