Every thing about you


1. Waiting

Chloe's pov-I sat on my bed looking at twitter Liam had been gone for months abd he had sent me a DM ( hey babe miss ya text me love you) (Liam i miss you alot i love you have fun on tour :'( ) ( i womt miss you too much<3) ( skype me then) ( i cant later?) (ok bye) (bye) I called Shelby ( she is my sister) we live together but she was at Wal-Mart " hello" "hey" "Chloe"? "Yea ummm....so haveyou talked to or heard back from Harry yet?" " no" "have you heard from Liam" " yeah he direct messaged me" so Shelby was dating harry styles, i was dating Liam payne, my friend maria was dating Louis Tomlinson, my other sister Becca was dating Zayn Mailk, My other friend was dating Niall Horan." I obivisouly miss Harry!" Shelby said " when are you coming home so we can go to Nandos?" "Im on my way home now" "ok then" I said and hung up. I then called Becca " What?" She shouted then I hung up on her. I got in to the car and met Shelby at Nandos, a boy with a purple hoodie was sitting by her and four other boys with hoodies came in the door. "Whos this?" "Hey Babe" the boy said and took off his hoodie. " oh my gosh Liam" i said hugging him " haha i set this up" Shelby said " oh Shel" i said and she ran towards him and kissed him. Hanna and maria walked in to Nandos. "Louis" maria said completly suprised Louis hugged her tightly refusing to let go. "Nialler" hanna said "Hanna" niall screamed with a mouth full of Nandos. Becca called " hey whats up?" "Im at Nandos with the boys!" I sceramed. "Zayn?" She asked "yes" "im on my way!!" I kissed liam " i missed you" " not as much as i missed you" then i hugged Niall "Nialler", then Zayn " Dj Malik", then Harry "hazza", then Louis "Boo Bear" Maria yelled " Dont touch my boobear" I laughed she didnt " not funny" she said "ok" then she smiled typical Maria.
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