Every thing about you


3. Chapter 3

Shels pov- OMC that is the best song i have ever heard from the boys. If i were them they should sing rap or partically rap. I will and always love them according too Niall they will always be 5 singing idiots. So today is a long lazy day im going to be wathcing high school musical 1,2,&3. Those were my favorite movies when I was like 10years old. Also I love too watch other movies but Harry is on tour and Chloe doesnt like high school musical. I was really checking my facebook and texting Harry. The boys were always texting me they texted me like 50 times an hour. Id get like 8 phone calls an hour.

Harrys pov- Ok I wonder if shel is annoyed yet. But if she loves me I love her. She is perfect too me. I love shel. Her friends or enemys are dating my best friends. My life is complete with Shel in my life. I was texting shel.

" hey babe whats up?"

" nothing much leme guess you are botheringthe other guys?"

"Nope well IDK im not them."

" im bored can u facetime me? Or call me or skype me?"

" let me ask cause we are kinda busy but not too busy."

" ok babe I miss you soo much."

"Im annoying chloe :) "

" yeah I can call you ok?"

" yeah want me to call you?"

" no ill call you."

Chloes pov- shel is annoying me for the first time in along time shes in her room watchin high school musical movies. Im on my lap top on Twitter. I always need too know things that shel doesnt then i text her the things that she dont know. I was texting Liam.

"Hey liam whats up?"

"Nothing harrys driving me insaine. I cant stand it any more. Wait for it ..... Hes in his bunk."

" shel is driving me insane by watching the same movies overe and over again."

"Well your welcome Harry fixed the problem for the bogh of us...."


"Hes talking to her over his phone."

" Thank you so much. :)"
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