Every thing about you


2. At shels and chloes house

Shels pov- we were at my and chloes house watching movies with Becca, Zayn, Maria, Louis, chloe, Liam, Harry, I, and Hanna and Niall. We were watching Mitt Romney becomes president the scariest movie alive. Harry and I were laughing at Niall because he was mad that Mitt Romney is gonna take away all of my food he said. It was really late and everyone was tired it was about 2:19am. At the end of the movie we all fell asleep in the living room. I suddenly woke up and Harry said " whats wrong?" I replied " I had a nightmare." He asked " what was the night mare about?" I answered " we had too break up because of management." He replied really quickly " I would never break up with you, you are the best girlfriend I have ever had."

Harry's pov- After the movie we all fell asleep Shel had her head on my shoulder and all I remember is that she suddenly woke up from a really bad dream. She is the best girlfriend I have ever had I would never change a day in my life because if I did I wouldn't be with Shel. Ok so the guys and I are working on a new album and it awesome but Im goning to have shel and chloe listen to it frist ( just Little things).
"Hey chloe, shel can you come in here please?" I asked.
"Whats up?" They asked.
"Can you listen too this please? And tell me if its good?" I asked them.
"Ok" they said. The song started " My hand fits into yours like its meant too be
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