My lovely ghost

She was a beauty. She was wonderful, sensational, sensual. And she was mine. She still is. She is my lovely ghost.

A story about a boy, who is in love with a girl. The girl is dead. But he wants nothing else, but to be with her. So he commits suiside.

(En kort historie om en fyr der er ulykkelig forelsket i en pige, som er død. Han vil intet andet, end at være sammen med hende. Så til sidst, for at kunne være sammen med hende, begår han selvmord.)


2. My lovely ghost


I can’t see her, but I know she’s here. I can feel her in my heart. She’s near. I love it when she walks right through me. It makes me feel whole again. Like she had never left. She is my princess. I want to take care of her, even though I know that it is impossible. She is out of my reach. She is in another world, but still, I can feel her. Sense her.
I can feel her cold touch on my skin. Her breath on my neck.
I picture her in my head. Dressed in a white dress. It fits her body perfectly. With the beautiful brown hair, curling in waves down her shoulder blades. Those warm brown eyes. They are only looking at me. Those soft heart shaped lips, with the most stunning smile. She can take everyone’s breath away. She certainly took mine. Together with my heart.
It’s only us. There is no one else but us. We belong together. Nothing will, or can, separate us.
I can’t sleep. I keep thinking of you. You are the one for me. The only one on my mind. I can’t get you out of my head. You are always in my thoughts. Your voice keep talking to me in my head. It is the most beautiful thing I have ever heard. I never want it to end.
I must find you. I have to.
It feels like my heart is being ripped in two, every time you don’t answer me.
I want to see you. I have to.
My inside is burning. Like my love for you. It never stops.
I welcome the pain.
I have to see you. It’s unbearable without you.
My breath gets stuck in my throat.
I can see you.
My sight gets black at the thought of seeing you. The pain slowly disappears.
There. You are right in front of me. More beautiful than ever.
Finally, we are reunited.
You open your arms, and wish me welcome. You welcome me to your world.  

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