Another escape

Ally finally gets the chance to escape her abusive boyfriend. But where will she go? Luckily she had money on her. So she decides to go to a hotel. She meets a really nice guy and starts having feelings for him. But will her abusive boyfriend find her.


1. An attempt for freedom


He closes the door and leaves. God how I hate him. I slowly let myself loose from the ropes he held my will against. I pick up my clothes and change. I listen for his car to leave. And wait a few so I know for sure he has left. I get my bag. I've prepared for this so many times that I've lost count. Now it's my chance to do it. I go downstaires quietly to see if he wasn't there and luckily he wasn't. I go out the front door and run as fast as I can. And I suddenly slip on ice, I hate winter. I get up quickly and run. I look back at the disgusting piece of shit house that been a life of hell for two dam fucking years and I'm finally free. All of a sudden I see his car pull up. And he gets out I quickly dove into the bushes I can't run now he's going to see me especially on a open field. I wait until he went inside the house and I ran as far as my legs can carry me.
Author's Note:
So what do you guys think so far? Please let me know if I should change something.
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