he's gone

Imagine waking up everyday and realising that he was gone or that she isn't here anymore. You miss the one that was always by your side. The one you have lost. Maybe you'll find your missing piece but what will happen if you never see him / her again?


10. "You should let me love you."



The days passed by and the day of the audition was there.



Cassie sat with me in the waiting area and I rocked nervously with my foot.


"Don't worry, honey." she said, squeezing my hand. I looked up at her and forced myself to smile. "I don't want to disappoint you, Cas." She rolled her eyes and sighed. "You don't do that for me, you do that for yourself. Anyway, you can't disappoint me. If they don't take you, then they are idiots. You are wonderful, okay? Absolutely not care what they say."


I smiled and kissed her cheek. "I love you." I muttered as I pressed a kiss on her mouth. My hand went to her cheek, and she returned my kiss. "I love you too, Zaynie."


"Zayn Malik?" a voice said and made me wince slightly.


I turned and raised my hand. "Come on, please." I nodded slowly and kissed Cassie again quickly on the lips, then the man handed me a microphone and I went on stage.


Simon looked at me quickly, and I tried to act cool.


"Hi. What's your name?" Simon said. "Uhm, my name is Zayn." I said still trying to act like a cool boy.


"Zayn, what you're going to sing?" "I'm gonna sing Mario .. eh .. Let Me Love You." "Okay."


I started singing and looked at the audience. Man, this was hudge. I could feel how nervous I really was, but I tried to make my voice sound like I'm calm and everything was fine.


"You're the type of woman (deserves good things). Fist full of diamonds (hand full of rings). Baby you're a star (I just want to show you, you are). You should let me love you. Let me.."


I finished singing and looked again at the jury. Simon looked at Louis Walsh and asked "So Louis? Yes or No?" He thought about it and said. "Yeah!" Inside I started smiling but I knew it wasn't over yet. "Thank you."


"Nicole?" "Yes." "Thank you!"


And last but not least there was Simon. He thought about it and said .. Yes! Still acting cool I said "Thank you" and left the stage but behind the stage I hugged Cassie and couldn't stop kissing her.


She smiled under our kisses and mumble "I told you so." What made me laugh.


"Oh damn. Life is getting pretty awesome! I love you. I love you so damn much!" I said while kissing her again and again. "I love you too, handsome." She said and hugged me one last time.

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