he's gone

Imagine waking up everyday and realising that he was gone or that she isn't here anymore. You miss the one that was always by your side. The one you have lost. Maybe you'll find your missing piece but what will happen if you never see him / her again?


19. what are you doing here?

The next morning I woke up by a slight knock on my door. I tried to open my eyes but the light in which my entire room was bathed prevented me from doing it. I sighed and tried it again. With narrowed eyes I looked towards the door. Again I could here the knocking, this time a little louder. I sighed once again and said quiet: "Yeah?"


Without another word somebody opened the door and I blinked a few times, trying to see better. But when I saw who was standing there right in front of my bed  I narrowed my eyes again. Quickly I sat up and leaned back on the headboard of my bed. With folded arms I looked at him.


"What are you doing here?" I asked him and he shrugged slightly, before he sat down on the sofa, which stood on the opposite side of my bed, right next to the door. His hair looked pretty messy, but still his locks were full of volume. His green eyes sparkled slightly as the light broke in them. He wore a blank white T-shirt plus a black skinny jeans. His eyes followed every move I made and he had not yet responded to my question.


Somehow he looked sad and a little insecure, but I tried to act like I didn't see it. He was the reason why I talked to Zayn yesterday. He was the one to blame. For everything. Once again I sighed and shook my head slightly. That wasn't true and I knew that, but somehow it felt good that there was someone else to blame. I solved my folded arms and tilted my head slightly askew, still looking at him




"What are you doing here, Harry?" I repeated my question in a much nicer tone and it kind of seemed like he relaxed a little bit.


He looked away from me and rubbed his wrists easily. "Last night I had a little fight with Zayn." Now he ran his hand through his hair and shook his head.


"Why?" I asked a little confused, hoping that he would not say that it was because of me. I didn't want to be the reaon why Harry was fighting with Zayn, after all, I only knew him since yesterday. No matter how angry I was at Zayn, that shouldn't stand between him and Harry. That was no option. I really didn't want to be the reason why everybody was fighting. I mean, they have to be friends. They are freaking One Direction and I don't want to ruin this.


"He said that you don't understand what he's saying. He said that you're wrong. I mean, I know that he loves you, but he just doesn't see that it's his fault. And only his fault." He shrugged and paused for a moment. "I mean, he says he's sorry. All the time, but he also blames only the management. He sees no context. And yes it's true that the management made him do it, but in the end it was himself who agreed. And he doesn't see it. Zayn is like a brother to me, but sometimes he is so incredibly narrow-minded. "


I put my forehead slightly in wrinkles and looked at him, but he still didn't looked at me. "But that's no reason to argue with him. This is not your problem, Harry." I said quietly, pushing the blanket slowly from my legs. The rustle made him turn a little in my direction. He looked at my bed but still not into my eyes.


He shook his head slightly. "Well, somehow it is. I made you talk to him, Cassie." I slipped to the edge of my bed. "But .." He interrupted me and slightly lifted one of his hands. "It doesn't matter what you say, you can't undo it anyway, Cassie. And Zayn and I talked about it earlier. I know that he is still angry, but he didn't mention it and it kind of doesn't matter anyway. I mean, that's not even the reason why I'm here. Actually I wanted to see if you're okay. You looked kind of done yesterday and I just wanted to see if you're doing fine."


Now he looked right into my eyes and I smiled slightly. "Thanks, that's really kind of you." I said, and a little smile was formed on his lips.


"And? Everything's okay?" He asked and I shrugged. "Yeah, everything's okay, even through yesterday wasn't one of the best days ever, somehow I am glad that I talked to him. I mean, I've spend months waiting for this moment. I wanted to talk to him. I mean, that was all I could think about. Nearly everyday I caught myself imagining what I would say and I somehow believed that we express ourselves and everything would be fine again. But I never really thought about what he would say. And that's kind of stupid, you know. I prepared myself for every little thing, but not for the fact that we would really get into a fight. That we would scream at each other, that wasn't an option."


I slightly shook my head. "I love him." I stated while putting my head in wrinkles. "Oh God, I love him so much." I shook my head slightly. "I can't believe it. He is the most important person in my life, even through he hurted me so damn much. This feels so incredibly wrong."


Harry sighed slightly and I felt him tense a little. "I shouldn't love him. He's such an idiot." Now he laughed and shook his head.


"Maybe that's the reason why you love him." He shrugged and I wanted to say something else, but Harry's phone started to ring.


"Uhm, yes."
"Should she ... ?"
"Okay ."
"No, i don't know. That's weird, right?"
"Mh, okay."
"Yes, I will."
"Okay, see you soon."
He hung up and slid his phone back into his pocket .


I looked at him confused and he leaned back a little. "The guys want to eat something and they thought it would be a nice idea to ask you if you would like to come along." I winced a little.


"They thought it would be nice?" I narrowed my eyes and he shrugged.

"Yes, Niall thought it would be fun. So, would you like to join us, or not?" He smirked and leaned forward.


briefly thought about it. Did I really want to eat with the guys? I mean, sure, I don't know the others and it would be nice to get to know them, but sitting at the same table with Zayn? I grimaced slightly and when Harry saw that he began to laugh.


"Oh, come on, Cassie. You don't have to sit right next to Zayn. I'm also there." He shrugged and stopped laughing. "Please." He added and blinked a few times.


I rolled my eyes, but smiled and stood up. "Okay, okay. But I still need to shower and get dressed. Just stay here and wait for me, okay?" He just nodded and I disappeared into the bathroom.


I quickly showered and dried my body and my hair. I put a little make-up on and got dressed. I wore a skinny jeans and a lightblue cropped top. 


When I was done Harry and I walked over to Zayn.


not that good. :s

any ideas what could happen next? C:

please leave some comments if you want me to continue the story. ;*

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