he's gone

Imagine waking up everyday and realising that he was gone or that she isn't here anymore. You miss the one that was always by your side. The one you have lost. Maybe you'll find your missing piece but what will happen if you never see him / her again?


15. ugh.

I kept walking until I reached the park and sat down on a bench. I sighed and leaned back against the backrest. I frowned and layed my hands on my legs. I didn't even really know what I should feel. I mean, I love Zayn no matter what he did, but at the same time I 'm incredibly pissed at him, because he did .. what he did. I mean .. this whole situation really sucks.


I pulled my phone out of my pocket. I too a look on the clock. He was at home now. Since 10 minutes.


I put it back in my pocket and let my eyes wander through the park. A little further away was a man with his child. Holding hands. They walked along the path and the boy pointed at objects of any kind and his father told him what it was and how important everything was. I could hear him say: "Everything has its meaning. The world wouldn't be complete if only one thing would be missing. It was incredibly beautiful, how the boy was fascinated by every little thing his father said. He didn't know how the world really looked. He just still thought that everything was beautiful and exciting. How gladly I would be if I could change places with this little boy. A lot would be so much easier.


I sighed and looked at the other end of the park. The park wasn't crowded and it seemed like the man, his child and I , were the only ones in the whole park. I turned back on the other end of the park and looked at the entrance through which I had come. With contracted eyebrows, I realized that I was pretty far away from the entrance. Then I saw how a boy entered the park. He got closer and after some time I could see his face was framed by some curls. He was wearing black sunglasses even though the sun didn't was shining, and for me it looked like he would run straight to me. I sat up a little more and blinked a few times to find out if I knew him.


And he ,unswervingly, just kept going until he'd almost reached me, and a smile crept on his lips, and at that very moment I recognized him. Harry. Harry Styles. The of the other band members. I sighed and was about to get up and wlak out of the park, but since he seemed quite determined, he would probably would follow me, so I remained seated and acted like I hadn't seen him. The assumption that he was running towards me, seemed pretty stupid now. Sure, Zayn and I were kind of in a realtionship, but Harry and I never met . So he didn't even know what I looked like and probably not that I even existed .


I had already resigned myself to the idea that he was about to walk past me but suddenly he sat down on the bench. Right next to me. I kept looking straight ahead and acted like I hadn't noticed that he was now sitting next to me.


From the corner of my eye I could see how he leaned forward and said in his deep husky voice, "I know that you've seen me, Cassie ."



please don't mind my mistakes! (:

i love u, noodles! ((:

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