he's gone

Imagine waking up everyday and realising that he was gone or that she isn't here anymore. You miss the one that was always by your side. The one you have lost. Maybe you'll find your missing piece but what will happen if you never see him / her again?


16. sadness and anger.

I froze for a moment and decided to continue acting like I have neither seen him, nor heard him talking. After a while he sighed and out of the corner of my eye I could see how he ran his hand through his curly hair. "Come on, Cassie. That's childish. " He said with mock indignation, but I remained silent.


Silence stretched between us and I could hear him breathing quietly . Finally, he slightly leaned forward and stared straight ahead. "He really loves you, you know?" He said quietly and without wanting I shook my head slightly no, but he didn't recognize it and kept talking . "He was talking about you everday. Said how great and generous you are. And ... I mean .. I feel like I know everything about you." He chuckled quietly and I looked over at him. He rubbed his palms slightly and was still looking straight ahead. "And then you didn't respond to his calls and he was totally done. He didn't want to talk to us. He pushed us away and we couldn't get into his head." His voice was a little shaky as he continued. "He immediately wanted to go home and see you. His sisters and mother said they don'tt know what was going on. And ... He was just totally exhaustes and I mean .. he's still in a very bad condition." He shrugged, but still didn't look at me. "Can't you just come with me and talk to him?" Now he slightly turned his head and looked at me, directly .


"No." I said a little too energetic and shook my head no. "Certainly not.", I crossed my arms slightly and shook my head again. "Why," he asked. I put my forehead in wrinkles and repeated his words: "Why?" I exhaled loudly, and continued, "Are you serious? He said that he has no girlfriend. I mean .. he acted like I didn't exist and made me look like an idiot . . " I pointed at myself and continued talking: "Before he left, he told me that he loves me." I shook my head and felt my anger and sadness slowly climb up my throat. "He said he loves me, Harry.", I said almost out of breath. "He has said it. And you do not say something like that and don't mean it, but that's exactly what he did, because if he would really love me, then he would have confessed it. Do you know what I mean?" I pressed my lips together and looked at him.


He nodded slowly. "But he still loves you ." - " Oh yes, of course he does. And I guess that was also his reason to tell you to search after me and to convince me to come with you." I said with sarcasm in my voice. "If he really loves me and all, why isn't he here? And just to say it: he didn't call me, okay? He's a liar, can't you see it?" Harry let his shoulders fall and when he spoke, his voice sounded a little helpless. "Would you talk to him, if he would sit here? In my place?", he asked me. However, when I was about to reply , he interrupted me immediately. "No, you would'nt. I'm here voluntarily, okay? He wanted to search you and talk to you and I was the one who stopped him. He's like a brother to me, you know? He loves you no matter what you say and I wanted to help him." He sighed and looked at me.


"So, can you please come with me? You don't have to do it for him or for me. Do it for yourself. You want to get over him and all that? Come on. Come and set your final stroke." As he spoke , he stood up and shoved his hands in his pockets. He looked at me expectantly and I sighed after some time quietly .


"Okay." , I said , preparing myself mentally for what woulf happen in the next few hours.


don't mind my mistakes, haha.
i'm .. not good at english. i guess, but i'm trying.
german is much easier! haha. (:

love ya, noodles! ((:

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