he's gone

Imagine waking up everyday and realising that he was gone or that she isn't here anymore. You miss the one that was always by your side. The one you have lost. Maybe you'll find your missing piece but what will happen if you never see him / her again?


22. he's back





After a while we decided to go over to Cassies place, because soon my family would be back home and we didn't want to just lay around and annoy everybody and since Cassie's mum was still at work, there was nobody we could annoy at her home.


We reached her house and she opened the front door. "Here we are." she said while leading us all in and closing the door behind us. I showed the boys where the living room was and they followed without saying something and sat down on the sofa.


"Can we eat something?" Niall said in a childish voice and just after he uttered this words, his stomach growled, making us all laugh. That was so typical Niall. Cassie walked over to him with a big smile on her lips and moved her hand through his blonde hair.


"Of course we can, my hungry darling." she said sounding like a mother and looking at him with all this care in her eyes, like she really was a mother, but then she turned away from him and looked at us all. "Is anybody going to help me? Make some food for you all?" she said in her normal voice.


Qickly I raised my hand up in the air and waved it a little from one side to the other. "I would love helping you." I said, while putting my hand back down. Cassie looked at me and simply nodded. No smile, no happiness in her eyes. No .. nothing.


"Okay, let's go." she said without any emotion in her voice and I followed her into the kitchen. 


I sat down on a chair and watched her, as she put some food out of the carbinets and put it on the working surface. My eyes followed every single move she made and I could have spent hourse just sitting here and watching her, because I just loved the feeling of seeing her again. She was so close and there were only a few meters left between us and that made me so absolutely happy, because in the last months she seemed so damn far away from me.


"So are you really going to help me, or do you prefer sitting around watching me?" she said, cutting my thoughts of. I smiled at her and got up.


"Well, I really do prefer watching you, but I guess that's not what you wanted to hear, so I'm going to help you." I said while walking towards her, but she just rolled her eyes and turned away from me. "Then go. Get a pot out of the carbinet and fill it with water, then put it on the stove." Her voice sounded kinda cold, but I didn't question it and just did as she said.


When I was done, I stood right beside her and she put some pasta into the water, without looking at me or saying something, what kind of pissed me. Yeah, maybe I was the one who messed things up between us, but I thought we were fine again. I thought we talked about everything and also she said that she was going to forgive me and it sounded like she really meant it. But now? She was acting like we never talked with each other. She treated me like I didn't even exist.


And with all this thoughts in my mind I sighed and asked "Why are you acting like that?"


She froze for a moment and then turned toward me. "Why am I acting like what?" she said with a fake smile on her lips, what made me even more pissed. I mean, I nearly know her all my life and I really could tell when she was lying or trying to act like something she wasn't and I knew, that she knew that. So why was she even trying to fake a smile? That didn't even make sense.


Again I sighed and looked at her. "Don't fake a smile, Cas. You know, I'm your best friend, so I can tell, when you're lying. Just tell me why."


Now she turned her whole body in my direction and shrugged her shoulders. "I just ... I don't know, Zayn. I'm just a litte worried, that this all means more to you, than it does to me." I looked at her confused and she sighed and started again. "I know we talked things out, but it's hard for me to look at you, okay? Because when I look into your eyes I feel nothing but pain and I don't want you to think that everything will be the same like it was right before you left, because it never will be. And I don't want you to get hurt, because I'm not what you wanted me to be or because it's not what you expected it to be, because I know exactly how it feels. Getting hurt, I mean. And I also want us to be friends again. I want to treat you friendly and leave all the drama of our lovestory out, but I'm not really good at it, I guess." she said half smiling. "Do you know what I mean?"


"Yeah, I know what you mean." I said even through I wasn't sure if I really got it. So she wanted to be friends and all that, but does that mean she doesn't want to be with me? Or does it mean she just can't imagine her with me like right now, but has hope for the future? I really didn't know, but I guess this wasn't the point. 


She wanted to go back to when things were normal, but not to the point where we started dating. She wanted me to act like we were still best friends and didn't tell each other how much we were in love. She just wanted me to be her best friend again, not her boyfriend. And that was all she wanted from me, right now.


"Okay, so you want your best friend back?" I asked, just to make sure that I was right. She nodded and smiled in relief, because she was happy that I got her right. "Okay, whatever you want, sweetheart." I said smiling and grabbed her by her waist. I lifted her up in the air and she started screaming "Stop it, Zayn! What are you doing?" but I could hear the smile behind her words, and soon she started laughing while she beat me.


"Put me down! Right now!" she said, still giggling.


"Well, no. Not yet." I answered smiling and threw her over my shoulder, so that she was lying on my shoulder, and beat me against my back, still laughing. "Zaaaayn! Please! Think about the food.", she yelled but I just jumped a little up and down, so that she couldn't focus on her words and her voice was kinda shaky.


"Maybe I put you down, when you tell me that I'm the best, the most handsome guy you've ever seen and uhm .. " I thought about it and then said. "that I'm the best singer that's in your house right now!"


She laughed. "Okay, okay. You're the best." She giggled. "You're the freaking best and you're so handsome. Ha ha, I ca-a-a-n't." she said laughing, while I started tickling her.


"Can't stand my handsomeness?" I asked her smirking, but she just kept beating my back and lauging so hard, that it was pretty hard to not let her fall to the ground.


"Naah, say that you're" she paused to let out a laugh "the best singer."


I stopped for a moment and said "Why?"


She inhaled, relieved that I stopped tickling her. "Because there are four other boys sitting in my living room and gosh, they are just as fabulous as you are. They are perfect." she said and inhaled again.


I sighed with a smile on my lips and put her down on her feet again. "Right answer." I said and smiled at her and before I could do something else, she hugged me very tight and I could feel her hands on my back, as she whispered "Thanks for bringing my best friend back, Zayn."






It took us another 30 minutes to finally finish making food and getting all the boys in the kitchen, to start eating.


"What were you doing?" Liam asked while chewing. "We heard your screams and laughter." he added and kept eating from the pasta, that was right in front of him on his plate.


I looked at Zayn, who was sitting right beside me and he looked back right into my eyes and then I just layed my hand on his, which was lying on the table. And I really didn't know why I did that. Maybe because it felt like it was the only right thing to do, or maybe because I just wanted to touch his skin again, or maybe because I was so glad that he was finally back. He wasn't this confused wreck like he was when we first met again. He was not my boyfriend Zayn. He was my best friend Zayn, and that was the kind of Zayn I liked the most.


"Let's just say, this guy right here at my side is a jerk." I replied and Zayn started laughing.


"Oh god, how I missed this." Zayn said and I just shrugged my shoulders, while he smiled at me.


I wanted to relpy, but just when I was about to say something I could hear how something fell to the floor and the front door slammed shut.


And when I turned around to face the other guys, Harry was gone.



thought it was "cassie&zayn-time". hope u like it! (:

leave a comment, tell me your thoughts & ideas what could happen next! ((:

love u all! ;* && i feel like the story is going to end soon, but i'm thinking about making a sequel. (:

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