The Killings


1. Training

"Tonight is the night we have all been waiting for." Clan Master Fredrick announced.

Tonight we would be night we would take over. The beginning of our ruling would begin tonight. With our plan nothing would be able to stop us, unless those stupid Black-Raiders show up, or event the Kampfer Clan. Both would simply try to stop us ruining the one night we have to try to complete this.

I grabbed my metal talons and pulled a black no-tip glove over them. "Belle come train with me." I ordered.

She followed me to the training area, grabbing her dagger. We didn't use weapons like these just the talons and daggers. Other than those we used our own power. "Danny don't get to carried away this time, last time you almost bit me."

"You know I can't promise that. Plus you have to deal with it, it's training we are training to kill." I said fixing my glove as we entered the training room. "Now, are you ready?"

She replied with quickly pining me to the ground. She was one of the fastest in our clan, but that didn't stop me. I used all fours to kick her off of me and she hit the large oak tree twelve feet back. "Shit Danny!" She yelled eyes now red.

She ran towards reaching for her dagger. Time slowed down and I knew what to do. A back flip kicking the dagger out of her hand and slashing her arm with my metal talons. I landed on my knees looking up at her and watched the cut disappear. I was lifted with her hand on my throat, I just loved training with her when she was mad. A fist to my left then right cheek and then a kick to the jaw knocking me down. Her eyes still red standing over me I kicked her down flinging my self up. I clawed her cheek with my talons and gripped tight onto her jaw. Right before it snapped I threw her back on the ground. She groaned in pain. "Fuck you Danny!" She yelled her fangs coming out.

I laughed and she pounced at me lifting me once more and threw me hard. I hit the tree hard. "Bitch." I mumbled.

In a matter of seconds she was in front of me holding the dagger to my neck. "My turn." She smirked.

I hit her once more knocking us both on the ground. We began rolling around sending various punches until. "What the hell guys!" We were pulled apart. "Every time you two train it end up like this. You two are the best fighters we have so cut the crap." Our Consoler yelled. "You to have the perfect relationship, your both crazy. Now go clean up be lovey doves than prepare." He ordered us.

"Good job babe." I smiled and kissed her cheek.

"You too." We walked hand in hand but to out shared room and clean our selves up. Time to prepare.
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