The Killings


3. The Kampfer Clan

Just across from the woods where we are is the Human City Hall. I remembered what Veronica said and made sure not to step on fallen branches or twigs, and that's when I heard it. 'Click' a broken twig. "Shit!" Brie mumbled.

In no time a group from Kampfer Clan surrounded us. We readied our selves for any fighting that might happen. There were six in the group and they were not yet turned into werewolves yet. "What are you doing here?" Xavier the leader of the werewolves questioned.

"A family walk in the woods." Bryce replied.

I spotted Veronica looking at Draven, Xavier's younger brother. Draven was 12 like Veronica. He had a mid shade of brown hair that was a little spiked up. He had brown eyes as well. I could tell they were into each other but I wouldn't work. None of us would let it happen, werewolves and vampires are complete enemies. I gave Veronica a little shove and she looked away from him. "I doubt that." Celestria the clan masters daughter half smiled.

"We aren't looking for any trouble so why don't you go back to sitting around your campfire and let us be." I added

I took a while before the gave in and just decided to leave. Now, finally time to feed.
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