The Killings


2. The Family Travel

Night was soon upon us and it was time. Now in the forest making our way to the Human's City Hall. The Humans decided to have a meeting which involved half of Millry, Alabama. We were running low on food in our and this meeting was perfect. Half of Millry is 273 people enough food for about a year or so. Our clan only had eight Vampires not including our three family consolers and the clan master equaling to twelve people in total. With just 20 Humans we would be good.

"Danny make sure your talons are on correctly we don't need them falling of." My 'father' said, who is the one who turned me in a Vampire.

His name is Allan, my father. A vampire stuck at looking like 25 years old. Never getting a gray hair, wrinkles or worrying about what day may be your last. Living the life.

When I was 17 Allan changed me. I ran away from home and never looked back. I couldn't deal with my step father beating my mother so I just left. At that time I lived in Miami Florida. When I ran away I took the bus to Orlando and hid where I could and scavengered for food. I lived like that for a week. One day I was sitting on a bench near the woods at midnight. Allan came to find me and we talked for a while. He told me he could give me power and I liked the sound of that. That was when he bit me. It was painful but the results were great. He took me to his home were I met his wife, my 'mom', Pauline. She has golden blonde hair that reaches to her back. Dark eyes like us all, and obviously pale skin. Allan also had golden blonde hair that was fixed in a sophisticated way. I had dark brown hair fixed in a front mow hawk.

We found other kids we took in as well. Bryce, 21 light brown hair, Vance, 16 black hair, Brie, 18 chestnut hair, and Veronica 12 platinum blonde hair. We all gone through training, hunting, killing, but only I have felt love.

I found Belle laying in the woods one day when we were in Pennsylvania. She was hurt but she didn't care. She was laying in the shade relaxing. I spoke to her and we hit it off. We were in love and still are to this day. I don't regret turning her into a Vampire at all.

"Everything I set Allan." I replied

"We are close. Stay close, one wrong move and we will be flooded with werewolves from the Kampfer Clan." Veronica stated.

When she was changed she developed the power to see into the future and past. She also knew when we would have trouble, and who was near. She was a great addition to the family. Each of us had a gift. Mine and Belle's was fighting. Bryce had strength, Vance had speed, and Brie was overall the next Master of the Clan. "There it is." Bryce smiled.

"Remember no one left behind we came her a family and we will leave her as one." Paulina added.

We all nodded. Time to get to work.
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