my grandmothers house

1914 - when lilly and her sister rose and her dog sparky vist granma for halloween break. will it be tricker treat or will it be ................

please read , comment and favourite as i am entering this in the halloween competition


4. the fair

the next few days went really well. it is now only three days until halloween. me and rosie have been practicing our singing for when we are going from house to house. today our grandmother is planning to to take us to the fair. as we were leaving i locked sparky in my bedroom. in the car our grandmother  was telling us storys from her youth. we pulled up outside a field filled with carnival games and what not. we decided to go on the carasel first. after we went  to do that thing where you throw a ball at cans and try to knock them all down. me and rose both won teaddy bears in that game. my bear was brown whith a little cowboy outfit on and sophs was pink with a ballarinas dress on. our gran bought us ice cream too. we went on many more rides after. we decided to go home. at home we had dinner. yum . chicken pot pie. it was getting  late so me and rosie went to bed. i got ready and snuggled deep down under the sheets , hugging  my teddy closley to my chest and slowly i drifted off to sleep.

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