my grandmothers house

1914 - when lilly and her sister rose and her dog sparky vist granma for halloween break. will it be tricker treat or will it be ................

please read , comment and favourite as i am entering this in the halloween competition


5. sparky!!!!

i woke in the middle of the night and heard dripping. i put on my slippers and walked downstairs to cheack all of the taps. they were fine so i walked back upstairs to bed. i put my hand back under the bed for sparky to lick it. twenty minuites later i heard the noise again so i did the same thing and cheacked all of the taps. nothing. once again sparky licked my hand . this same thing happened twice more but on the forth time sparky did not lick my hand. i presumed he was gone to do his buisness of somthing. but the fifth time it happened i checked the bathroom that i found behind the curtain in the basment. i walked downstairs and stopped there in shock, sparky was  hanging  from  the  ceiling  a  rope  around  his  neck  dead. on the wall written in his blood was  'your next'.  gulp

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