my grandmothers house

1914 - when lilly and her sister rose and her dog sparky vist granma for halloween break. will it be tricker treat or will it be ................

please read , comment and favourite as i am entering this in the halloween competition


3. grandmas house

when we pulled into the driveway, the car finnaly stopped. i got out and stared up at my grandmothers huge victorian house. there were three floors. it is painted a dark grey. huge windows take over most walls. there is no grass , but instead concreate paving. when you look at the house it really is quite dark and gloomy. i lugged my bag up the steps to the door, following my gran and sister. when i got to the door i turned and looked  around at the neighbourhood. most houses had halloween thing in there garden.  there was few bushes at the front of my grandmothers home that i had never noticed. wait. what. no. i mean it couldent be. i could have just sworn i say somthing staring at me from behind the bushes. ah never mind. i opened the front door into the hallway. my grandmother walked out of the kitchen into the hall " would you like some tea love" she asked me. "im okay. thank you" i replied. i trugged upstairs to my room and unpacked my case.i have to share a room with damn rosie.  when my suitcase was empty i decided to look around the house. okay so third floor :my and rosies room and a bathroom. second floor: grans room, another bathroom and an office.and on the ground floor there was the kitchen , dining room , drawing room ( just a posh word for sitting room.), a hallway and wait, i have nevere seen this room before. i opened the door to reveal a staircase going downstairs.huh i guess then there is four floors in this house. i walked down and pulled on the light. it was a huge room with a lot of tools in it. this must be why i have never been down here. you see when my grandfather died, my family came to visit. it was our first time in grans house. she never showed us the room because it probably had way too many memories. i took the last step down and tripped. i fell against the wall and hit the lightswitch. the room was pitch dark. i could hear footsteps coming down the stairs and suddenly somthing pulled at my leg. i fell to the ground and screamed. rosie came running in. she turned on the light and sttarted laughing. i looked down to see sparky pulling at my trousers. i got up and said "you can go " she walked out of the room. sparky ran after her. there was a curtain hanging in the corner. maybe its like a portal or somthing. i peeled back the curtain to find a door. ok lily i said to myself . this could change your life forever. i pulled at the rusty doorknob and the door opened. i walked inside and found a lightswitch. oh. it was just a bathroom.  no one probably ever uses it. i walked out of the bathroom , up the stairs and into the hallway. i said goodnight to my grandmother and got ready for bed. once i was ready i walked into my room to find rosie sleeping. sparky was on my bed sleeping. i woke him up and he hopped under my bed. i lay down and put my hand under my bed for sparky to lick it and i must have fallen asleep that way.




hey everyone please comment favourite and like this as i am going to enter it in the halloween competition.PS dont worry it will be getting way more creepyer until finnally you wont be able to sleep at night and the grim reaper will probably come after you anyway so better stay awake. anyway bye. PPS check out my other movella love knocked out. its a one direction fanfic. and while your at it why not check out my other movella the legacy. i dont update the legacy anymore as it was just for the create a legacy thing . anyway take two for competitions and for saying goodbye. hope they both go well.  bye ( yes. i nailed saying goodbye ) 

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