my grandmothers house

1914 - when lilly and her sister rose and her dog sparky vist granma for halloween break. will it be tricker treat or will it be ................

please read , comment and favourite as i am entering this in the halloween competition


1. goodbye

me and my sister rosie hopped out of the coach. our father took our cases out of the boot of the car. i was holding my dog sparky in my arms. he was trembeling as there were so many people around. our mother and father walked us to the departures gate. we said our goodbyes and me and rosie hopped onto the train. me and rosie were finnaly 12. which means we are old enough to go and visit grandma no our own. we found a seat next to a window and waved to our parents who were still on the platform. sparky had fallen asleep in my arms. i got sparky as a birthday present when i was 5.

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