Count all the stars

Alli Thorn just moved to London when she met someone she didn't expect she would meet.
.......And now they're in love but will trouble arise? and will Alli realize he's the one for her?


3. you have something on your shirt.

" Harry where are you taking me??"

" somewhere... you'll see"

he led me to a park, it was a bit lonely but i didn't mind, it really suited the mood and I guess Harry was just so lonely he decided to choose an empty park, there were no houses or anything, just cars parked around it and a tall building on the right side.

" That's my label over there, we're still recruiting staffs" he said and grabbed my arm again.

" So...why are we here?"

" we're both lonely right?" he said.

" But i'll be happy when I go back to the concert, being in an empty park adds more loneliness" i said and blushed a little when he faced me, his curls were still there I know he's like, twenty seven years old now and I'm still twenty six, he still looks like a teenager, and his style didn't change either, it was still white tees and converse, he was different.

" But don't you wanna hang out with an international super star?" he pleaded. I sighed knowing there was no way I'm gonna go back to the concert, " Okay, what do you wanna do" I asked him. " Do you mind if we just  sit in here and talk?"

" I don't mind, besides, I'm gonna know more about You" I said. "Come sit" he told me so I sat beside him and he put his arms around me...this is getting a bit weird.

" Alli, Can I ask you something?" he asked, I nodded. " What's your favorite color?" he asked me, well that was a random question I guess he was just trying to know me, he's hanging out with a complete stranger after all. " Blue" I said and looked him in the eye, " And what kind of engagement ring do you want?" he winked.

" Wait, why are you asking me that?" I said looking a bit surprised. "Nothing, I've never asked anyone that question before so I thought I'm gonna ask you" he said. "Okay...I don't know what kind, just a simple one I guess, but I have to go with round." i told him. " Do you listen to our music?" he asked again. " I bought your first album but since I was more into solo artists, I totally ignored bands" . 

We were both silent for a minute so I asked him, " Can it be my turn to ask?", " Of course, I was just waiting for you" he said. " Why did you guys, the band I mean...decided know...go separate ways?" I asked him, He stayed calm and bit his lip, " Well..I guess we just want to move on, I mean, Louis is now a dad of two, Liam got engaged, we're just so busy, not with the music but with our lives, As for now, I think I just want to find someone and if that someone is the right person for me, then we'd see what happen... " he paused for a minute and looked at me, looking really flirty.

We talked for hours and after that, I didn't realize I fell asleep on his arms while he was telling me about how his grandma passed away and how he promised her he would find the right girl, he always says that...about finding " the one' for him, it's kind of awkward because I was just a stranger and he's telling me really private stuff going on with his life. I woke up when I heard a 'beep', I looked at the drivers seat, thank god Harry was still there, I feel so safe when he's with me, I know it's weird cause we just met but there's something about him that makes me soo....alive, cheesy I know but it's true, Harry is by far the most romantic man I've ever met, I've met a lot of really interesting men here and there but Harry was by far my favorite, he was true and you could tell....when you look into his eyes, he mean it and all the stories he told me tonight was true, I found it sad sometimes, about his ex girlfriend, they got engaged a couple of years ago but found out she was dating other guys...all he said was " I guess I was just blind"... he's such a gentleman and I've never met a man who loves to talk about anything and everything.

" You awake, where's do you stay? I was just know cause I'm waiting for you to wake up" he asked me. " Oh... well, I didn't memorize the complete address but..." I said as I searched for my phone in my bag, turned it on and clicked on GPS where I bookmarked the apartment I live in. " here" I said and he turned on his GPS too so he could drive me to my loft, we were silent on the way there but I didn't mind, finally, we arrived and he got out first and opened the door for me.

' I'll see you again" He said and smiled at me, he tried to kiss me but I backed out.

" Wait...before you do that, what's my full name??" I asked him cheekily.

" Alison Kristen Thorn, is that it?" he said looking a bit nervous what he said was wrong.

" You have something on your shirt." I said, "Oh" so he looked at his shirt and before he could looked at me, I kissed him, I did and it wasn't that long, it lasted for five seconds I guess and he smiled at me.


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