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Alli Thorn just moved to London when she met someone she didn't expect she would meet.
.......And now they're in love but will trouble arise? and will Alli realize he's the one for her?


4. Why can't I be in love?

After two weeks

I haven't seen Harry for days now, I guess he was just busy with his label, I've met a few friends now, I'm glad I did, I decided to go to the mall and just chill by myself and find decors for my loft, I put on a yellow dress, and cream wedges and headed to the mall, I hailed a cab and told him my destination, after a few minutes, I arrived, I decided to go to Topshop and buy a few stuff, and then to the department store to buy kitchen utensils and decorations, just stuff for my room and kitchen.

I went to the downtown since I've heard from my friends there were a few boutiques there and I stopped by at a boutique called " ZSAAB" I found the name weird, I went in and saw....

" ARE YOU SAAB FORD???!!!"  I asked the girl fixing the scarves in the sale section.

" woah, yes, yes, you scared me" She sighed in relief, she must have thought I was a lunatic or something. " Oh my gosh, you're the Victoria's Secret model right?, I just saw your documentary, no lie but I cried, you're so inspirational!!" I told her.

" Thank, I can't believe a lot of people have watched it already...." she said looking a bit amazed, suddenly, her phone rang and she answered it giving me the ' please wait' sign.

" Oh hey babe, yeah I missed you all day, oh really? oh my god did it went well?, What about Andy and Liam? oh and Lux? yeah I've found the perfect gift for her how bout you?, I love you bye" after the call she looked at me. "'s obvious you're not British.." then after that she invited me into the stock wasn't really a stock room it was more of a hang out place for all the staff who works in the store and there were tables and coffee, we talked a lot, gosh I can't believe I'm sitting here with one of the most inspirational celebrities of all time, I swear, I couldn't help but smile while sipping my green tea latte.

After talking for hours, she invited me to go to her apartment, I couldn't say no of course so I went with her and she drove her white mini cooper going to her apartment, She lived in a really fancy building that looks like a place for all celebrities.

" Our apartment's a bit messy at the moment, sorry." she said.

" That's okay" I told her, she went in and I saw another famous person only he wasn't a Victoria's Secret model, umph, stupid me, boys can't be a Victoria Secret model, instead he was...

" Zaynie!" Saab said as Zayn carried her and kissed her on the temple, I smiled at how in love they looked, Why can't I be in love?? I'm twenty six for crying out loud, even nineteen year old these days already got kids ( thanks to Miley Cyrus).

" Hey babe, meet Alli, she's from LA, I met her in the boutique" she told Zayn and he held out his arm for me, we shook hands. " Zayn... from One Direction, it's a pleasure meeting you" I said.

" You too" but I guess he missed his girl friend so much they immediately went to the room and I kinda figured out what they did next...

" well, well what do we have here??" I looked at my side and saw Harry.

" Wait, Harry..." I said looking shocked he was here too...and the rest of the 1d guys and there were two kids, a boy and a girl running around Louis and calling him " daddy".

" Alli, did Saab invite you??" he asked.

" Yes" I said and smiled at how cute Louis' kids are, they looked so close.

" What did I tell you a few days ago that if you have a conversation with Saab, and she invites you, don't say yes, she'll end up having sex with Zayn" he told me .

" Oh I forgot and that was two weeks ago! I guess I was just so star strucked.." I said.

" Come here, I'll introduce you to the guys..."

so was it?? I hoped you all liked it, I'm looking for a co author so if you wanna be my movellas partner just leave a comment below or in any chapter...well... just to inform you...they're all twenty seven years old here except Zayn, Liam and Niall who are twenty eight and Louis who is twent nine!! wooh!! I was supposed to write about a school girl who met harry but I want to make it different...and btw follow me on Wattpad: nikkacraven, I also have a story there but didn't continue it so if you want me to continue leave it in the comments!! 

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