Count all the stars

Alli Thorn just moved to London when she met someone she didn't expect she would meet.
.......And now they're in love but will trouble arise? and will Alli realize he's the one for her?


8. mom

Hello sorry i haven't uploaded in a while, but I hope you enjoy this chapter :)


I woke up next to someone who was hugging me, it was Harry, gosh my boyfriend is the hottest man in the whole wide world, I stared at him for a couple of seconds until he moved closer to me and smiled.

" I can feel you looking at me" he said, smiling with his eyes closed.

" Am I not allowed to look at the boy who happened to ask me out last night?" 

" Actually, I'm afraid to wake up and the first thing I'm gonna see is the most beautiful girl in the world" he opened his eyes and winked at me.

We were about to kiss when suddenly, there was a knock on my door.

" I'm gonna go get it" I said leaving Harry on my bed in just his boxers.

The knocking got louder and louder each second, whoever this person is, Fuck you for ruining my moment with Harry. I opened the door and I cannot believe my Mom is standing in front of me.

"" I asked her, she looked unhappy, you know that ' I'm-gonna-find-out-your-secret-soon' look? yeah, she was wearing that look on her face.

" Alli, nice meeting you here" she said and immediately placed her luggage inside my loft, heading to my room...

" Mom, wait.." I said blocking her. " you can't go in there..."

" Why, are you hiding a Harry guy in here, Jesus, Alli, you've been here in less than a month and now you're letting guys touch you?! Move!" 

" Mom, wait, I can explain.." but before I could block her again, she opened the door and saw Harry on my bed, texting. He got up and well, he just got up.

" well, well, if it isn't Harry??" My mom said, checking him out, ugh, mom, I love you but right now I just wanna kick you out of my place and shut your fucking mouth up.

" Mrs. Thorn..." 

" Please explain to me why you answered Alli's phone last night?" my mom asked him, folding her arms.

" Wait, Babe, you did?" I asked, surprised my boyfriend didn't tell me my mom traveled from LA to London just to fucking see me because well, she called and he answered it.

" Alli, alli, was asleep so I answered her phone for her...."

Mom kind of went calm and stood by the door.

" Okay, Harry, I'm sorry for the two should get up now and eat breakfast, I'll cook....Alli, come help me cook for your man.." mom said and we went to the kitchen.

" Mom...are you okay.." I asked while preparing the ingredients.

" Harry wasn't as bad as I expected, he looked...familiar....and I'm glad you're now dating someone, sorry about earlier sweet heart, I was just being a parent" she said and smiled at me.

Harry came and he already changed clothes. ' Good Morning" he said, his face still awkward.

" Oh come here hon, come sit, now tell me about yourself, you look like a movie star!"

" Acually mom, he is HARRY STYLES from One Direction" I said.

" Wait, Harry styles?, is your Mom Anne Cox?"

" Yes..." Harry said.

' Aw Hun, call me Mom too."

" oh,"

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