Count all the stars

Alli Thorn just moved to London when she met someone she didn't expect she would meet.
.......And now they're in love but will trouble arise? and will Alli realize he's the one for her?


2. lonely...

I prepared myself for the concert, i put on a plain white off- shoulder shirt, skinny jeans and paired it with blue heels, i'm more comfortable when i'm wearing heels, it boosts my confidence. I walked out of my apartment and headed to the nearby park where the concert will be held, it was a concert for bands who wants to be successful and there are judges who will choose the best, the winners will win a record deal, I made my way to the seat not far from the judges', there were lots of people in there already. there were celebrities too but i didn't mind i would like to have new stars on the biz now.

" you're seating on the VIP section" a guy wearing a plain white shirt and white converse asked me, and i realized he was this guy from one direction...but i forgot his name. " well sorry...liam should i move to another seat?" he laughed at me, yes, laughed at me " you're funny, well...i'm harry not liam,and i wouldn't mind a pretty lady seating next to me" he winked. " why would you seat beside me when there are a lot of vacant seats?" i asked him .

" i feel lonely" he said looking sad . then i realized one direction just announced they were gonna stop being a band a few months ago, Liam is now a solo artist who I've heard just got engaged, Louis is now a teacher and has two kids, Niall is now part of another band in Ireland, Zayn is now a model and I heard he's dating a Victoria's secret model. but they still play gigs together and are still friends.

" is it because of the band?" i asked him.

" could be... i have a lot of things on my mind" he said.

" so what are you doing now that the band just finished?" i asked again, gosh why was asking lots of questions??

" I'm starting a record label, but I think i'll still be a singer,why??" he said."nothing, i know what it feels like to be lonely too" i said while taking a deep breath. " tell me." he said and gave me puppy dog eyes " well...i just moved here last week and i haven't gone out yet, i'm working in a record label just a few blocks away from home but my boss gave me a two month vacation to adjust, i guess i'm just sad i'm not in America anymore".

" moving to another country is hard... what's your name?" he asked me while giving out his tatted hand there were a few ones on his wrist " Alli Thorn." and shook his hand.

" You know...this concert is going to be boring, mind if i show you around??" he gave me a wink again.

" but i want to wa..." but before i could finish, he grabbed my arm and we walked through hundreds of people and made our way out of the park...this is awkward.



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