Count all the stars

Alli Thorn just moved to London when she met someone she didn't expect she would meet.
.......And now they're in love but will trouble arise? and will Alli realize he's the one for her?


9. Isn't This Awkward

Alli's POV-


I Stared at my mom in confusion for a minute or so until I heard, "Alli?" and I snapped out of it and was facing Harry. "Are you alright?" He asked me. "I'm perfectly fine just a bit weirded out." I said calmly and softly so my mom couldn't hear. "Oh alright. Hey your mom's food smells pretty good," He chuckled and sat down at the island in the kitchen. I walked over to the stove and saw my mom making eggs, and I got the toaster out and put some bread In it.

As I walked over to the fridge I opened it and slightly sticked my head in trying to find the butter, then the bread popped up from the toaster. I jumped and hit my head slightly on the top of the the fridge. "Are you alright, babe?" Harry asked as I pulled my head out with the butter in my one of my hands and the other hand rubbing the back of my head.

"I'm fine, just a little scared." I said. I set the butter on the counter and washed my hands in the sink, then pulled out 3 plates from cabinets above. I took the toast out of the toaster and set it on one plate as my mom set some eggs on it. I took it over to Harry with a fork and a knife also, and went back to get him a glass. My mom had happened to put eggs on the rest of the plates and I brought Harry his glass with some milk in it.

I walked back over and put more toast in. After about 30 more minutes everyone had eaten their breakfast and were resting in the livingroom as I worked to clean the kitchen up again.



--I'm so sorry Sandimmm, I haven't updated in forever. I kinda ran out of idea's and then I forgot to check to see if you posted any new chapters so I just wrote a new chapter haha! I'll write more from now on!--


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