Count all the stars

Alli Thorn just moved to London when she met someone she didn't expect she would meet.
.......And now they're in love but will trouble arise? and will Alli realize he's the one for her?


1. five years...

hey guys this is a harry styles fan fiction so if ur not interested u can freely leave the page :)


" Ugh why did I choose London??" I complained to my best friend, Daryl over the phone as I arranged all the shoes I brought with me in my closet.

" The question is...have you even got out of your apartment yet?" she asked curious and a bit sure she knew I haven't went out, I nodded not realizing I was on the phone but Daryl somehow got the message, why is it I'm  bad at hiding things from my best friend? I was in London for Christ's sake and she was in Los Angeles!

" Alli, you're an adult now, savor your time there, it's just a five year contract." I gulped, I hate hearing those words...five year contract

" Woah, you're forgetting something...I'm gonna stay here for five years Daryl, Five years!"

" c'mon Al, chill, you never're going to have new romance there."

"you're trying to change the subject"

' bye"

"woah..wait!!" but before I could say that...the line went dead, wait, I just realized i'm a bit dissapointed but my best friend was right, i should savor my time here and have fun.... now i'm thinking of what to do.

I logged on to twitter and scrolled through all the one direction fan girls why did i even bother to follow those people? i'm not a fan anyway. then after a few minutes i saw an interesting post. i read it out loud.

" hey guyz im in london and thers a concert 2nyt near knights apartments"

wait....knights apartments?? that's where I live! i have to go to this is my life after all.

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