Count all the stars

Alli Thorn just moved to London when she met someone she didn't expect she would meet.
.......And now they're in love but will trouble arise? and will Alli realize he's the one for her?


6. beautiful.

Hello guys! sorry for the late uploads, I'm really busy with school :(, so anyway, I just got home from Dublin cause' we had this sort of field trip, wasn't the best thing *cries* but it was my first time in Ireland!! and I'm now in my dorm in Nottinghamshire about to write the next chapter of this story *happy dance* Oh and just to tell you....I got Taylor Swift's red and Live while we're young was sent to me yesterday :) and I was really busy with the BBC radio teen awards cause' I was one of the student- sponsors ( I don't know what it's called) and gosh, I was drooling when 1d performed and Taylor swift is fuckin' tall! enough about my life, read the story!:)

" Are we there yet Haz?" I asked while burying my face in Harry's shoulder.

" A few more minutes babe" he said.

"You know, you got a really nice 1D family eh?" I told him and he smiled at me " They're really amazing, I couldn't ask for more." he said.


" Babe, we're here" he said and removed his seat belt, I waited for him to open the door for me since I read somewhere it's what you do when a lad drives you home. He opened the door for me and as soon as I stepped out, it started drizzling, no, it started raining.

" Uh oh" Harry said while we rushed to the elevator.

" How can you go home when it's raining really heavy outside.

" But will you let me stay in your apartment?" he winked and we stepped outside while I unlock the security code of my door.

" Well....of course....step in" I told him and opened the door

" Your house is amazing" he said while going near to the center table where there was a picture of me with Daryl.

" Thank you." 

" did you furnish this by yourself?" he asked, looking around.

" No, everything here is fully furnished, except kitchen and bedroom materials"

" Oh, and where am I going to sleep?" he asked.

" Follow me" he followed me upstairs and there were two vacant rooms.

" choose which room you want to stay" I told him and he immediately chose the middle one which was right next to mine.

I turned on the lights and he entered and sat on the bed. " Are you sleepy babe?" he asked.

" Really sleepy" I said and yawned.

" Go to sleep, you have a big day tomorrow" he said and kissed my temple.

" Good night Harry" I said and gave him a flying kiss.

" I'll see you in my dreams kay?" he said and winked at me.



I couldn't sleep, I couldn't even shut my eyes, I spent an hour instagramming and thinking about my new girlfriend. I just want to see her again.

I went to her room, her nightlight was on and she was wearing a grey tank top and pajamas with stars in it, I went closer to her and kissed her temple, she was really beautiful, the moment I laid eyes on her, in the concert, I knew she was special, and the time we hung out at the park, when I told her lots of things about my life I haven't even told anyone, and she listened.

I'm a twenty seven year old guy, looking for the perfect girl, and I still couldn't find one, first there was Meg, who turned out to be such a slut, who craves for sex every single night, then Trisha, who was really beautiful but didn't tell me she was lesbian. then Janie, who I really loved, we stayed together for a year and I proposed to her but a few months later confessed she didn't even liked me. I don't know what will happen to Alli and me but there's something about her I couldn't explain...something really special.

Just as I almost kissed Alli's lips, her phone rang, I wasn't supposed to answer but I didn't want her to wake up, it's her first day at work tomorrow and she told me she was really sleepy.

" Hello?" I said.

" Alli, are you okay sweetie? Dad just got a puppy a few days ago cos he said he missed you, he called it Alli too, how's London, I he-"

" Uh sorry Ma'am' but this isn't Alli, she's asleep, this is her boyfriend, Harry"

" Harry who? Alli didn't tell me anything about a boyfriend." she said her voice getting strict.

" I'm really sorry Ma'am this is Harry Styles."

" Oh".

and then she hung up. Uh oh this isn't good.


Alli's mom's POV

Oh Delia? Oh?, you said Oh? to someone you don't even know? 

My daughter didn't tell me anything about a boyfriend but one thing was on my mind.

Buy a plane ticket to London.



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