Count all the stars

Alli Thorn just moved to London when she met someone she didn't expect she would meet.
.......And now they're in love but will trouble arise? and will Alli realize he's the one for her?


5. A gentleman should always drive his girlfriend home.

" Lads, meet Alli Thorn" Harry said and the guys immediately stood up and greeted me, they were really cool guys and I felt so at home, they invited me to eat pizza with them and just talk about random things.

" I wonder what Zayn and Saab are doing right now" Louis said, and soon, he made his way to Saab and Zayn's room. " two! do this later!" Louis said, and soon Saab and Zayn went to  the living room to join us, kind of smirking, I could tell they were really into each other and Zayn was always holding Saab's hand or if not, Playing with her hair.

" Hi" a little girl came to me and sat on my lap. " Hi, what's your name?" I asked her while patting her shoulders. " Tamara Tomlinson" she said shyly. " Aww... I love your name! and how old are you?" I asked again, she was the cutest little girl, she had brown wavy hair with bangs and wearing an " I love my daddy" shirt, she looked just like Eleanor, but a hundred times cuter, while Tommy, Louis' first son looked like him and was really chatty like his dad ( and a little perverted too, for a seven year old). " four" she answered.

" Uncle Harry, is Alli your girlfriend??" Tamara asked Harry and sat on his lap. " No, she doesn't want to be my girlfriend" Harry winked at me. Soon, everyone was asking me why, Harry's such a big liar, but I understood, he was talking to a little four year old for crying out loud.

" Alli, why?? but uncle Harry is really sexy!" Tommy said, gosh this kid is the younger version of Louis.

" Well, I have to think about it" I said kind of embarrassed.

" You better, love" Hayley, Niall's girlfriend said. " Harry would do anything for a girl like you" Eleanor added. " And Hazza here gives good sex" Louis winked at Harry.

" Babe! your children can hear you!" Eleanor told Louis and pretended to slap him on the face.

" Are you guys trying to set us up?" Harry asked. " Kind of" Louis said.

" Harry, can you just tell them we're official to shut up these people" I whispered to Harry. " Okay" he said. 

" Everyone, I have something to say...we're official..I was just joking to Tamara we aren't cos she's still young". 

" That's good, we knew you were, from the looks of you two, I see a perfect couple and I can't wait to see a little Harry running around in a few years...." Zayn spoke and started kissing Saab again.

" Yeah me too... I wonder what your kids will look like, if it's a girl, you should name it Harriette!"  Ainsley, Liam's fiance added. " Yeah! and we'll help you two buy clothes and oh...Saab is gonna design your wedding dress Alli!! oh my God! I can't wait!!" Hayley said.

" I think you two are going too far, Oh I know, on your wedding should let Ed sing! or invite Chris Martin!" Liam said and Louis gave him a reassuring look. " And...the best will be held in Bora- Bora!!" Saab cheered .

" Um..guys...." I said but Harry cut in " Shut up people" and then all of us started laughing.


" Guys...I think I need to go now, It's my first day at work tomorrow" I said while stretching my arms.

" Oh...I guess we'll see each other again" Saab said. " Alli, can I drive you home?" Harry asked me.

" HARRY A GENTLEMAN SHOULD ALWAYS DRIVE HIS GIRLFRIEND HOME NOW YOU TOO GET OUT AND MAKE BABIES!!" louis shouted and closed the door, soon we were  standing there outside Saab and Zayn's apartment and we could hear them talking about baby names for...gulp...Our children.

" Sorry bout' that" harry said and led me to his car.

" That's okay, I find them funny..." I said and smiled at him. " So Alli...are we really?"

" Make babies? no" I said and crossed my arms.

" No not that...official??" Harry said and gave me puppy dog eyes again.

" You know...they made you asking me out easier so it's a yes." I said nervously.

" Really?" he said and his smile brightened up.

" really" I said and he kissed me right there inside his car as it started raining, what a perfect ending to my day.

so did you guys liked it?? I hoped you did and I'm sorry if I don't upload often, I'm always busy with school work and I travel a lot, the only time I can upload is when I'm in the UK:)








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