Love you More Than This (One Direction Fan Fiction) ♥

It's all in the beginning where zayn and amy were used to be BFF since they were 8 years old. Until zayn were in the x-factor and all the boys together. But zayn kept his feelings for amy over 5 make it a story, harry fall in love with amy and its love at the first sight. He gets jealous when zayn gets near her. Amy only treated him as his BFF not more than that. Zayn already knew that amy has a boyfriend and he could'nt accept fate. Well read more of these and u will know the story. It's all in the beginning of the start where they were still young! Will amy fall for zayn?

Ps ; contains zayns family and sorry if anything is rude, but im sure enough its nt a dirty story! Its a love story between them


6. When we have our own way

Amy's pov

I open up the door, and its mum outside. oh godd....what does she wants...oh wait, does she know that zayn came? she will be mad as hell if she knew that. I know that my mum doesnt like zayn...

Mum:" Whats with the noise just now?'

Me:"Nothing mum,i just checked my window .. i think we need to fix it..cuz its kinda sounds like creepy and its creeping me out" i said with that 'nothings going on' face.

Mum:"Wait, let me check"

Me:"What mum? Noooo! its just creeping me out nothing is serious!!" i blocked her from going into my room

Mum:"What is wrong with u amy? Is there something u hide frm me?! Ohhh...or is it has anything to do with zayn?!!!" she started to raise her voice

Me:"No mum! i said No!!"

Mum:" Okay whatever it is,i sont want you to be close with him!!! i dont like it!! he iant a good friend to you! listen here, one more time i will send u to California for studies!!!"

she went off and i shut the door loud

Now its been so long,and a few month passed. I barely met him because i dont want mum sending me to california just to make us far apart. I log in to my instagram account and theres a notification, its zayn. it says on it 'call me amy,ive gt something interesting to tell you!!' on one of my pictures. wow he seems happy. so i picked up my phone and called him.

Zayn's pov

Since the day that i went to her house, she barely meet me. i dont know why. but its ok! ive gt something way more interesting to tell her!! my phone rang, i answer it. its amy! omg i misses me so much!

Amy:" Hello zayn,hw have you been? and whats the news u really wanted to tell me? seems interesting..."

Me:"Hi amy! yah im good..omg i miss you. You know u said that i have talent right?!"

Amy:"Yah ur good at singing! so ur trying to sa-"

Me:" yeaa! i think i want to audition for how was that?"

she remains silent, why? she dont like it is it? but thats i really want to! she still remains silent..

Me:" Amy? Amy? r u ok? Amy?"

Amy:" yeah yeah im ok... its just that..."

Me:"just that what? tell me im ok with me "

Amy:"nah, its just that...."

*to be continued*
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