Love you More Than This (One Direction Fan Fiction) ♥

It's all in the beginning where zayn and amy were used to be BFF since they were 8 years old. Until zayn were in the x-factor and all the boys together. But zayn kept his feelings for amy over 5 make it a story, harry fall in love with amy and its love at the first sight. He gets jealous when zayn gets near her. Amy only treated him as his BFF not more than that. Zayn already knew that amy has a boyfriend and he could'nt accept fate. Well read more of these and u will know the story. It's all in the beginning of the start where they were still young! Will amy fall for zayn?

Ps ; contains zayns family and sorry if anything is rude, but im sure enough its nt a dirty story! Its a love story between them


7. When the new person entered her life

Amy's pov

noo...its not the right time to tell him that i love him, that i couldnt control my emotions if i lost him, if he is nt with me anymore.. Not now amy, not now .. if you do tell him that, he might stay away from you .. yeahh who wasnt feel awkward if his own bff loves him? what ur gonna do now amy,is to support him .

Me: "Nah, its just that..r u sure u gonna do this? like ur really think about this?"

Zayn:" Yah! its my dream.."

Me:" Wow ...Goodluck! if youre in it, dont ever forget me. "

Zayn:"Hahah i wont!! ur my.....bestie....forever "

Me:"So when is the audition? you want me to go with you?"

Zayn:"Its next week. Nah! my mum is going with me. all you gotta do is watch my face on tv " he ended with smiles. gunna miss him.

Zayn's pov

My audition is next week. Amy seems so sad but.. its ok. at least she supporting me. its my dream to be a superstar...No matter what the judges will say, i will keep it seriously and being serious in my career. but i will miss amy so much. Amy went to the toilet, and she left her usual, i check her with games...and when suddenly her phone vibrate. Its an SMS from Ronney. Who is he? Dont tell me he has a boyfriend? Why? I feel people tapping me from the back

Amy:"What r you doing with my phone? "

*to be continued*
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