Love you More Than This (One Direction Fan Fiction) ♥

It's all in the beginning where zayn and amy were used to be BFF since they were 8 years old. Until zayn were in the x-factor and all the boys together. But zayn kept his feelings for amy over 5 make it a story, harry fall in love with amy and its love at the first sight. He gets jealous when zayn gets near her. Amy only treated him as his BFF not more than that. Zayn already knew that amy has a boyfriend and he could'nt accept fate. Well read more of these and u will know the story. It's all in the beginning of the start where they were still young! Will amy fall for zayn?

Ps ; contains zayns family and sorry if anything is rude, but im sure enough its nt a dirty story! Its a love story between them


3. Its so Embarassing!

Zayn's pov

I waited for her and i am very sure that she will be here. What am i gonna do with her? Ahhh...its time for me to make her mad! I just loved it! I dont know why. I took out all of my books and start to do some questions that i know. Maths, English, Science..alot to do. Im very good at English but im very weak at math and science. Amy is very good at all subjects. She is intelligent,smart..and guess what? She gets the 1st position in class for exam. I envy her...

Amy's pov

Im waiting for the bus coz my parents went out and was driving..but it takes forever.. So i decided to take a cab. Much more easier huh?

*At starbucks*

Me:"Hey Zayn!" i saw him and take a seat. "so what do you want me to help you?"

Zayn:" Heyya Amy! Mm yeah. I want you to help me to do my homework"

Me:" ME WHAT?!

Zayn:"help me to do my homework" he said with his big smile. Such a bully!

Me:"errrr yeah. Ok since you are my bff, so...ok... I pity you"

So i help him with his homework and you know what? He still can order cakes and drinks from starbucks!!! He eat infront of me.. and showing off with his foods. He didnt even help me!! Well hello its HIS homework not mine! So there is nothing to do with me. I am just a victim and because of him i have to suffer looking at his showing off face! ERGHHHH!!

Zayn:" MMMMM Yummyyyy...yum yum yum yum..." Show off brat

Me:" ermm zayn i help you with this..Can i have some? Pleasee" i really want some

Zayn:"Finished doing my homework already?"

Me:"Nope, I-" i havent finished my sentence but he cut me off

Zayn:" then finish it" he stick out his tongue

Me:" Okay! I dont want to do this anymore! And im not doing this! Well you can do it by yourself, but why do you ask me to do it for you" i was argueing with him

Zayn:"And why you do it for me? Cheeky hah!" he said teasing me.

As you all know i ALWAYS argue with him. No matter what. Even on small matter

Me:" well I..I, I do it coz your my bff and i pity you! Look im being kind to you..unlike you.. And no im NOT cheeky!"

Zayn:" well someone likes me here...." he said while eating those cakes. Looks delicious

Me:" NO! Who said i like you? Ewwwwww...will never ever ever ever Happen! Oh please "

Zayn:" Oh Yeah?" he gives me the look. Really pissed me off. I was so mad. Boiling point ARGHH!

Me:"Shut up! I-AM-GOING-HOME!! Im sick of it!!" even i said that, i just wait for him to stop me from going home

Zayn:" Ok Byeeee! :)" he said laughing and in sarcastic way.

I was so mad that i cant see there is an object on the ground and i slip and fall to the ground!

Me:" ARGHHHH!!" i screamed

Zayn came up to me.


what the hell? Seriously? He was laughing at me! He didnt even help me to get up or something to make me feel better? He just stood there and still laughing! I was Effing mad!!!! I stand up and pick my bag. My outfit is already dirty. And its so embarrasing coz i falls in the public and....zayn..


*AUTHOR: next chapter? Yes or no.
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