Love you More Than This (One Direction Fan Fiction) ♥

It's all in the beginning where zayn and amy were used to be BFF since they were 8 years old. Until zayn were in the x-factor and all the boys together. But zayn kept his feelings for amy over 5 make it a story, harry fall in love with amy and its love at the first sight. He gets jealous when zayn gets near her. Amy only treated him as his BFF not more than that. Zayn already knew that amy has a boyfriend and he could'nt accept fate. Well read more of these and u will know the story. It's all in the beginning of the start where they were still young! Will amy fall for zayn?

Ps ; contains zayns family and sorry if anything is rude, but im sure enough its nt a dirty story! Its a love story between them


4. Because of you

Zayn's pov

BHAHAHAHAHAHAH! Its seriously funny! When i turn my head around after heard her screaming, shes already at the ground! Wow seems painful. But i cant help it other than laughing at her!!!


Me:" OKAYY BYE! BE CAREFUL YOU MIGHT FALL AGAIN!...and i will laugh at you...again"

She went off. Woahh thats fierce haha i cant even stop laughing over that incident. I packed my things and go home. I open the door and theres my mum and my sister at the living room.

Sis:"Hey Zayn, You're back. Where have you been?"

Me:"Starbucks" simple. And i keep smiling for no reason.

Sis:"And whats wrong with you smiling like and idiot retard?"

Me:"Nth, its just that Amy fall down in public. Hahahahahah seriously thats very embarrasing if that happens to me"

Sis:"You Help her?"


Sis:" What?! So you just stood there and...???"


Sister:"Youre such a witch! Mum!!!"

Mum:" what if she doesnt wants to talk to you again? You will regret for life boy"

Me:" Dont worry mum. Its just a small matter. My BFF." i go to my room and take a nap. Luckily she did almost all of the questions. So i dont have to do the other incomplete 3 questions

Amy's pov

Me:"HELLO.." as i open the door

Mum:"Hello Honey! Your dad se-" she stopped. "Amy?Amy whats going on? What happen. Your shirs shirt is so dirty!!!"

Me:" I fell just now mum" i was about to cry. My tears filled my eyes coz i was mad and mum will scold me for sure...just get ready amy.

Mum:" WHY YOU DONT WATCH YOUR STEPS.AND DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I BOUGHT THIS FOR YOU?!?! Its Expensive!!" she scream on my face.
I was so sad and its all because of him. ITS ALL BECAUSE OF HIM! I HATE HIM. i ran up the stairs and enter my room. I slammed the door and lay down on my bed.

My mum is the type of the person, err i can say that she is fierce, always think wasted over things and she always put money above everything else, not me. And im the only child, which is no fun. My phone rang, who is calling me? I look at my phone *zayn* what does he want?!!!!

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