Love you More Than This (One Direction Fan Fiction) ♥

It's all in the beginning where zayn and amy were used to be BFF since they were 8 years old. Until zayn were in the x-factor and all the boys together. But zayn kept his feelings for amy over 5 make it a story, harry fall in love with amy and its love at the first sight. He gets jealous when zayn gets near her. Amy only treated him as his BFF not more than that. Zayn already knew that amy has a boyfriend and he could'nt accept fate. Well read more of these and u will know the story. It's all in the beginning of the start where they were still young! Will amy fall for zayn?

Ps ; contains zayns family and sorry if anything is rude, but im sure enough its nt a dirty story! Its a love story between them


1. It's all in the beginning


"RINGGGGGGGG!"thats the alarm clock. "ZAYN! Wake up! Go to school and dont be lazy. Wake up baby boy" said mummy waking me up for school. Tricia is my mum. She is sucha cute,cool and a sweet mum on earth! But when she gets serious, she is the fiercest mum ever!!
Mum: "wake up boy, your little sister was ready for school, dont get her late for that!

Me: "mum,i dont feel like going to school. I am having a fever"

Mum: "Well zayn, i believe that is one of ur reasons for not going to school, u will miss everything in school and exams are around the corner my baby boy,.now get up and take a shower. Have u check your time table dear?"

Me: OKAY OKAYY!! yeaa ive already checked my time-table. And mum, how am i going to take my shower if u were still here?" i said,laughing at her and waiting for her to step out of my room. Am i bad?i think no cuz its a joke :)))

Mum: "okay boy. U have grown up so much. Its seems like yesterday since u were such a little baby in my arms. Nxt year you're turning 9. How fast is that...


Shower time..i checked all my books and my wallet if there is any cash inside it. Lol well i was only 9 at that time so 3 dollars would be enough for me. I walk out of my room and heading to the kitchen area. I sat down at the dining table and there is my sister(waliyha),my mum and all the other family.

Waliyha: "such a slow poke. I didnt want to be late today, and how many times you make me late for school?! If only i can walk by my own to school, i would rather walk alone to school than waiting for you"

Me: "well im the boss on this house so wait for me. Im your bro so listen to me:)" i winked her just to make her feel abit annoyed. Ohh my attitude.

Waliyha: "well at the end of the day, i will get detention from teacher ands its all because of you. Wow thank you for that!!!" she looks soo pissed off! I like that. I love to disturb people.

Me: " you're most welcome my lovelt sista!" i said sarcasticly.

Mum: "finish your breakfast meal and get into the car. Go now, while i had to clean this dish"

*arrive at school*

Mum: "ok baby boy, now go to your class. Take care!

Me: "dont call me that again mum! Its embarassing. Im such a big boy now" seriously i didnt want my mum to said that cuz its really embarassing to me. Act cool!

Mum: " whyy? I love to call u that. Okay nw go to your class. You'll be late again"

Me: "ok bye mum...i love ya."

Mum:" ok baby boy i love you too, take care" mum gave me a little smooch on my cheek

*at class*

Mdm dee: " okay class. I got a good news to tell you. Now we will be having a new pupil in our class. She is from U.S.A california. Be sure treat her well kids and be nice to her, especially you zayn, behave well..."

OMGGGGG, a new student in our class? I wonder what she looks like. Maybe a little bit nerdy. Its time for me to bully her in class. Watch out girl. SHOWTIME.....


Mdm dee turn her head to look who's.knocking the door.

Mdm dee: "come in, whats your name? "

Amy : "my name is Amy Audhia..just call me amy and im new student in this class"

I was shock by her appearance, she look so cute and with that tiny little body really speechless....i wonder how do she look like when she grows

Mdm dee: " ohh so youre amy the new student..i see i see..OK class this is amy and she is your new classmate now. So amy, you can sit beside zayn"


I was so scared at first.. This is all my parents fault and because of them we have to move out and i have to change school. And its really a nightmare for me...and btw which one is zayn,this teacher is really killing me! She should have pointed to that boy so i know where i must blur right noww.

Mdm dee: "Amy? U get it? The boy in the 3 row. Sit beside him ok

Okayy now i get thats the boy, so why didnt he raised up his hand so its easier for me to look around. Or he didnt want me to sit beside him?? Okk amy, cool down and make friend to everyone. I walk up to his seat and sit beside him..

Zayn: " your name?" he said as if he didnt know my name. Stupid,ive already said it OUT LOUD earlier and he didnt listen??? Oh my god this boy..

Me: "i've said it earlier so you should have didnt pay attention to mdm dee right?"

Zayn: "yeahh. I your name?"

Me :" Amy"

Zayn: "Only 'AMY'? well my name is zayn malik. and whats your full name? Sorry im just curious"

Are you for real boy? Omg i think i did introduce myself clearly and loud...

Me: "Amy, Amy Audhia"

Zayn:" woo..nice name" he smiles at me.. "and how about recess time later? Im sure you're all alone"

Me: " yeaa obviously..cuz im new.."

Zayn: "soo..would u mind if i accompany u for recess?" he was like begging but well i think its ok cuz i dont know any alien in this school and doesnt even know anything, like EVERYTHING. I think its kinda cool to have him accompanying so i dont get lost.. He seems like a good boy..hmmmm....

Me: "okay! Thanks for that. If its nt disturbing your time, then...sure! Why not.."

Zayn: "okay lets get back to study!!! "

Author: P.S err is this story good enough or should i continue to the next chapter? Please i need your feedback to know if this is a good story or not..any questions, just ask me or follow..
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