Blame It On September

Alynnia Marie Johanson is just your normal sixteen year old. Alynnia decides to go and vist her dad during the summer in London. Alynnia has not seen her dad in a long time since he has moved to London for his new job, manging some new band. Going to London Alynnia expected for a fun time. But when she falls in love with one of the members of the band her dad is managing, One Direction,what will happen? What will happen when another members falls in love with her? Who will Alynnia chose? An what will happen when Alynnia has to go back to school in September? Read and fine out in this new movellas, Blame It On September.


1. About me

Hey, my name is Alynnia Marie Johanson, but my friends call me Aly for short. I am your typical sixteen year old girl. I love to hang out with my friends and what ever. My friends are Emily Winters, Scarlett Binds, and Mary Jane Kloss. I have known them since I was little and know that they are my friends because of me and not who my dad is.

You guys may have hear about a Robert Johanson. You know his manages some of the biggest people on this earth. He had managed Justin Bieber, Kesha, and even more. But you probably know him for managing the British-Irish boy band, One Direction.

What teenage girl does not fantasize over them? You have Harry who is the flirt, Liam the sizable one, Louis the one that wants to be young forever, Zayn the bad boy, and let's not forget Niall the Irish one. Come on who would not fantasize over them, they are like everything that a teenage girl looks for. Right? Well not me.

You see I am not a huge fan and I really don't care about them. Who cares if they has accents that make every girl melt, that smile, those eyes you could look into forever, and the voices of angels. Personally I did not care if I ever meet them, unlike some girls that is there dreams.

But that all changed the summer I decided that I would stay that summer with my dad in London. Trust me none of this I ment to happen, but it did. Let me tell you what happened that summer that changed my life forever.

*****Aurther's Note*****

I hope you guy liked it so far. Let me know if you want me to keep writing. An don't get me wrong I love One Direction, the best band ever. Let me know what two band members you want her to be in a love triangle. Just kik me at Kittyluzu. Thanks! :)
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